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Fish Like a Local 
Learn to fish like a local on this nautical adventure, casting hoop lines off an atoll while enjoying a selection of cold beverages. No experience brings you closer to Maldivian culture than fishing, a vital economic and social island activity. Anchor your boat at the edge of an atoll and learn to line-fish like a local with hoop reels. With one of the world’s most diverse aquatic ecosystems, you’ll be pulling in mackerel, snappers, emperors, jacks, and other nocturnal reef fish and, if you so choose, have the chef grill them up for you back at the resort. Fishing with the kids? They’ll love snacking on fish bait-shaped gummies, sweets and drinking from fresh coconuts. 

Big Game Fishing 
Enjoy leisurely downtime punctuated by short bursts of action as you troll for and battle big game fish in this deep waters fishing adventure. Leave the shelter of the inner atoll for deeper waters on this big game fishing expedition. Experienced local staff provide safety and training sessions, allowing guests to practice their rod casting skills in open seas. Enjoy a selection of refreshments as the boat cruises the depths, trolling for tuna, swordfish, and barracuda. Strap in once a big fish is hooked and fight for your prize in an epic Melvillian Maldivian melee.

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