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International It Girl: Anaa Saber's LFW

Anaa Saber, the NYC-based creative consultant, stylist and influencer, recently dubbed the newest generation of It Girl by The Cut, made The Standard, London her home during LFW 2023. 

We chatted with her about plane essentials, cheesy sweatshirts as souvenirs, the personality-building power of NYC and of course, fish and chips. 

Read the convo...

What are your travel must-haves? 

When I’m traveling I like to make sure I feel good and at home wherever I am. I’d say some plane essentials would be noise-cancelling headphones, melatonin, sleeping masks, moisturizer because you know them planes be dry. 

What do you gravitate towards when souvenir shopping? 

I love funny souvenir shopping, something that feels heartfelt but also you can laugh about it. I love cheesy sweaters and hats that say the city names on them. 

How do you decide where to travel when you have free time? 

It’s funny because most of the year I’m traveling for work so it’s not often I get a lot of free time to travel, but when I do… I like to go somewhere completely brand new and bonus points if it feels like a bit of culture shock. I love immersing myself into new places and feeling like a local.

How is the experience of travel different for you when traveling for work vs. for pleasure? 

I mean work is always work so it definitely has a different feel when you get to travel with little to no obligations. I like being free and going with the flow whenever I can.

How do you perceive the cultural differences between London and New York, two major cosmopolitan hubs?

I love both places, obviously NY is home. The biggest difference I feel from London and New York is that London kind of feels like LA a bit because things are spread out further and you always have to make a plan or revolve your day around which area you’re going to be in during that day.

How has living in New York shaped your personal cultural identity and worldview?

New York is the foundation of culture and has fully shaped who I am.

London favourites? 

  • British fashion designer? Di Petsa
  • Place to shop? files 
  • Restaurant? Campania
  • Tourist attraction? Hyde Park
  • Place for a drink? The Cow
  • Classically British dish? Fish & Chips


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