The Standard Calendar is Back!

We're always striving to better ourselves as a company, and guest feedback is crucial to our self improvement. As it turns out, guest feedback can also be pretty entertaining, irreverent, inspiring, and sometimes just off-the-wall.

When we hired the renegade Dutch agency KesselsKramer and photographer Thomas Mailaender to resurrect our Staff Calendar, we decided it would be fun to highlight some of the more interesting stories and suggestions and creatively reenact them with our staff. Some of our favorites include a couple who, "spent a load of money at the bar," and suggested that, "any compensation would be greatly appreciated." There was a "possessed" tv, an act of reverse tipping, and our heart goes out to the guest who, "lost his kush."

Shot at The Standard, Downtown LA, The Standard, Hollywood – and a little bit at The Standard, High Line – this 12x12 calendar represents the very essence of that impossible to define thing that makes The Standard, "Standard," and that would be … you! Thank you for a wonderful year and see you in 2014.

To get your copy, head to or pop by any of The Standard Shops.

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