The Passion of Gengorah Tagame

A policeman oracle who sees crimes when he comes, a sadistic Prince who mutilates his body guard during sex, these are the stories of Gengoroh Tagame, without question the master of Japanese gay erotic graphic novels. Legendary for both their virtuosic drawing and unparalleled passion, these fantastical, alpha-masculine, homo-erotic, sado-masochistic manga have been compiled here for the first with English copy, designed and co-edited by Chip Kidd and published by Dan Nadel at Picturebox.

"Here in Tagame's beautiful manga the bold Japanese sense of rendering is brought to bear on pictures of cruelty, pain and bondage," Edmund White explains in the introduction. "But there is beauty too in how all those knots are tied."

We can't even begin to show how shocking these comics are on this website, so you'll have to come see for yourself at The Shop at The Standard, High Line. There's a signing with the artist and Chip Kidd tonight (Wednesday May 15th). If you can't make it, you can buy a copy here.

The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame
Booking singing and reception, 6-9pm
Wednesday May 15th
The Shop at The Standard, High Line
442 West 13th Street, New York

Translated, edited and designed by Anne Ishii, Graham Kolbeins and Chip Kidd. Introductions by Chip Kidd and Edmund White. Extremely explicit material so probably leave the kids at home.

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