Stan D'Arde

Suiting Up For Swim Week

Not sure if you remember when I first told you about our latest and greatest foray into all things barely there, but last March I announced that we would be launching Standard Swim, and well, here we are. I just landed in Miami Beach, and we're getting The Standard Spa ready for all you half-naked people I've seen roaming Ocean Drive.

Here to Work?

For all of the professionals out there who have come down to work, we gathered our nearest and dearest designers, all curated by PRISM's Anna Laub of course, to show their latest collections from our showrooms at the hotel. Araks, We Are Handsome, Swash, Ivy Kirzhner and Melissa Shoes will all be ready and waiting for you from the 19th to the 23rd. If you're media or a buyer, don't forget to register by emailing Swim at The Standard.

Here to Play?

For those of you who just came down to party with the models, we've got you covered too. On Sunday, we're bringing back our extremely Lazy Sunday BBQ hosted by Miami's fashion mecca, The Webster. Music maestro, Amtrac, and DJ Max Silva will be turning the tables...upside down, if you will.

On Monday night, the Lido Lounge is hosting an all star karaoke showdown with the kids from Linda Farrow. When you hear the echoes of Oh, Sherry! pounding down the halls, you'll know it's me showing you how it's done. Show me what you've got!


New York Fashion Week Coverage
Get "Physical" with The Standard Spa

Cover Photo: Francis Giacobetti, 1970

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