Standard Talks: Sustainable Fashion + Beauty with Biofabricate

Let’s talk it out: Standard Talks is back for a three-part spring panel series at The Standard, East Village!

The first edition celebrated Earth Day by inviting creators in the fashion + beauty spaces to share how they are using innovative sustainable materials to forge the path for eco-friendly practices. To host this conversation, we partnered with industry-leader Biofabricate, a global network serving the needs of biomaterial innovators, consumer brands and investors through events, advisory and learning resources. 

Biofabricate CEO Suzanne Lee said it best herself as she welcomed guests to the event: “Earth Day really is about reminding ourselves of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, and it's about encouraging us all to come together and to take action for a healthier planet and a brighter future.”

She then kicked off the evening’s dialogue with Alison Cutlan (Creative Scientist behind The Rootist), Hillary Taymour (Founder + Creative Director, Collina Strada), and Uyen Tran (CEO, TômTex). As always, the evening wrapped with insightful audience questions, a cocktail hour in NO BAR, and gift bags (this time curated by The Rootist!). 

Scroll for a few of the panelist’s actionable takeaways to adopt a more Earth-minded lifestyle and RSVP here to next week’s Standard Talks hosted in collaboration with ALMA Communications

“For beauty, less is more. We use too many products that have too many ingredients, and we're suffering for it. So is the planet. So less is more. Read your ingredient list and buy products of high quality from natural brands that you trust that use biomaterials and sustainable materials.”

Alison Cutlan

"We need more education of people who are sustainability leaders to help create books, create educated courses to teach people about circularity, to teach people about regeneration, like, generative fabrications, all of it. Because it's just not knowledge that people have, and I think it's not knowledge people have because it's been changing so fast."

Hillary Taymour

"Fast fashion has to go - buy more vintage. Buy more second clothes if you want something that's quality but more affordable, and if you want to buy new things, buy from the designer and the brands that align with your values and make something that you’re proud to wear."

Uyen Tran


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