Standard Sounds Presents Indie-Pop Band Yonlapa

Yonlapa wants you to feel all the feels. The indie-pop band from Chiang Mai, Thailand, makes music inspired by life’s most emotional moments. Drawing from experiences shared with family and friends, Yonlapa creates genre-breaking sounds that will have you dancing, smiling, and who knows, maybe even shedding the occasional tear. In the near future, Yonlapa wants you to join them for a sunset session at our Lido Bar. Until then, find out what they’re all about right here.

The Standard: Tell us about Yonlapa, what does the name mean?

Noina: Yonlapa is actually my first name. I didn’t really know what the name of the band should be, so I made it mine.

The Standard: What have been the best and weirdest moments from being in Yonlapa?

Gun: There was a surprising moment when we were performing at a school. One of the students asked me if I was a guitarist and if he could have my guitar pick. That pick was the only one I ever carried on tour. “This is really the only one,” I told him. He replied “Yes, but I really want it.” In the end, I gave it to him happily. While that was strange, the best moments on this tour have been at the beach. All of us love exploring beaches and islands. Every time we come to a beach, we try to stay as long as we can. There are no beaches in Chiang Mai.

The Standard: In three words, describe your style of music…

Noina: Pop, shoegaze, and lanna.

Nawin: Pop, rock, and shoegaze.

Gun: Hit the road.

Few: Just cool stuff. 

The Standard: What inspires your music?

Yonlapa: Stories, memories, our social backgrounds, and feelings related to our upbringing as well as adulthood.

The Standard: What makes you most excited about your collaboration with The Standard, Hua Hin?

Yonlapa: It’s been a pleasure performing at The Standard. Like I said before, we love being at the beach. Since The Standard, Hua Hin is right on the seaside, it’s a dream location to play at. Plus, the staff has been so kind to us.

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