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This 4/20, Sackville & Co. Puts the "High" in High Line

So dope: Sackville’s taking over The Shop at The Standard, High Line starting 4/20, and your puff-puff ritual will never be the same. We sat down with the smoke gear company's founders Lana Van Brunt and Hayley Dineen to talk business...and lighting up with Barbie.
Our buds at Sackville & Co. are taking over The Shop at The Standard, High Line from 4/20 to 5/20—drop by to shop their collection of goodies and accessories for the modern, design-oriented smoker. The first 50 peeps through the door on 4/20 get a free Sackville swag bag, 25% off munchies at The Roller Rink and a free skate. 
What inspired you to start Sackville?


We started Sackville in early 2018 because we saw a clear gap in the market for design-forward, aesthetically minded smoking accessories as well as an entire segment of the population that had been left out of the conversation: women and non-binary individuals. We both have very unique and complementary backgrounds and we realized we had the skills to really bring something fresh to the market. We started designing a single grinder to see if we would get any traction, and the feedback was incredibly positive, and the rest is history!


What sets your line apart from other smoking products on the market?


Well, we hope, everything! From our design-focused approach to product development, our branding, our irreverence to the status quo, our imagery, our voice, we hope all aspects of the brand have carved out their own unique place in people’s hearts!


Unlike a lot of brands in cannabis, we really focus on designing for a new customer, who doesn't have the shadows of stigma around cannabis. We wanted to create pieces you could proudly display on a coffee table, a mantle or bring out at a party and feel good about. For us design is an incredible vehicle to change the way people feel about cannabis, if you’re hiding your stash constantly it innately feels like there’s something bad/wrong with it. As a team, we spend a lot of time designing, iterating and perfecting the products we create and we see that process through from initial design conception to the end product to make sure each piece is really considered and will stand the test of time.


We also own a design studio, Sackville Studios, that specializes in designing products for not only ourselves but many of the cannabis brands you may know and love too! We’re the secret machine behind the scenes. ;)

Do you have any funny stories about the process of developing your first product?


Our first product was our signature grinder, which we wanted to create to change the way people felt about rolling up. At that point everyone had a gross grinder hidden in a closet or under a bed—we want to make something that stood out. When we first started pitching the idea to stores some really jumped on board and got it, but there were a ton of “No’s” and even some suggestions that we should switch our business to beard oil if we wanted to make a real brand. Needless to say, we did not take that advice and have since launched over a hundred unique and design-focused goods for cannabis!


How do you come up with new product ideas?


We are both avid cannabis consumers—actually having experience with the product makes a huge difference as we really know what’s missing. Something we will just shoot each other a note saying, “rolling a joint, wish we had XYZ,” and that can start the ideation process. But truly, anything and everything inspires us. We take inspiration from every aspect of our lives…movies, art, fashion. And because we have the design and development capabilities with Sackville Studios, we are truly always playing around with something. Sometimes we just make things because we think it’s funny: We should release a line of products that’s just called, “Do These Make You Laugh Too?” LOL.

Our first product was our signature grinder, which we wanted to create to change the way people felt about rolling up. At that point everyone had a gross grinder hidden in a closet or under a bed—we want to make something that stood out.

Your collections are called “Powerful,” “Vibrant,” “Bougie,” “Grounded.” How are you feeling today and are there any adjectives you’d add to that list?


Hayley: We initially created the four categories to celebrate the different ways and reasons people have interest in consuming cannabis! At the time, especially for women, people only talked about cannabis use as something for wellness, like you could talk about it if you needed it for pain relief but nothing else. We wanted to celebrate that there’s so many different things that people get from cannabis: Sometimes, you want to take a bath and feel grounded, something you want to smoke a joint and laugh the night away with friends, sometimes you want to roll a joint out of a beautifully bougie gold grinder. All reasons are okay. I would love to hear more reasons from our audience as I'm sure there are thousands!

Lana: This is such an interesting question because we did come up with those six-or-so years ago now, it’s fun to look back on them like this! I personally love them all, no new words needed! It felt like this when we made them and it feels like this to me now, these four vibes are the vibes that make up every one of us! Maybe you wake up feeling “grounded” you feel “powerful” when you’re hustling with work, “vibrant” when you’re really tapped into your zone. And, I mean, aspire to feel at least a lil bougie every day. ;)


What do you see as the future of the cannabis industry…where’s it going?


I think everyone really has their sights on federal legalization, that really is going to change everything and it’s the future that we all want! We are getting to the point where more states will be legal than not.

With regards to trends, we think that we’re going to see a lot more concept stores pop up, like what the mixologist’s cocktail store is to liquor. A retail experience that feels curated, friendly, aesthetic and has a well-rounded offering of cannabis-friendly and lifestyle goods. We’re really excited to see a few places popping up and brands like The Standard leading that charge with that. You’re allowing our brand to completely take over The Shop to show what a retail experience shopping for smoking accessories could and should feel like!


Can you tell us about a time when you had to pivot or change direction in your business?


Can we ever! We honestly have an endless supply of stories where we’ve changed direction, changed plans and ultimately, pivoted to continue to grow in the direction we felt was right. The biggest of them all though was when we sold our company (at the end of 2019) to a publicly traded cannabis company, and five short months later, after we had been forced into bankruptcy by the parent company, we were fighting for our lives to buy the company back! Spoiler: We bought it back, we launched Sackville Studios during the lawsuit and we’ve been running them both successfully and independently ever since! Change can be really tough, but if you’re willing to see challenges as an opportunity to pivot, then all of your work will bear fruit eventually!

What advice would you give to someone interested in starting their own cannabis-related business?


We get asked this a lot, and we honestly always come back to, just start. There are so many things that we learned along the way, and you will too. Don’t wait for the perfect time or it may pass you by. There’s so much room for ideas in the category, just start and we promise you’ll learn what you’ll need to. There will be way more things you never even realized you need to know to be learnt along the way as well. This industry in particular can feel very overwhelming because laws change constantly and the whole category is being created in front of our eyes. Don't get too intimidated—just lean into the confusion of it all and reach out to other people in the industry.


How should our readers get into the 4/20 spirit?


Lana: Oooooo I think everyone should plan to swing by our pop-up at The Standard, High Line, get a goodie bag filled with your smoking essentials from Sackville and then find your favorite strain and take in the city!

Hayley: Definitely swing by the pop-up. And just enjoy the new freedom in the city. It’s a really exciting time to see NYC come online. So grab some weed, a grinder and some papers (preferably ours) and take in the monumental shift smoking a joint looking at the skyline!


If you could light up with any fictional character, who would it be and why?


Lana: Okay—right now I would love, LOVE to smoke a joint with Harry Potter. Don’t hate me, but I just watched the movies this winter! I’m so late to the game, but I mean, they are amazing and a joint with a wizard seems pretty vibes to me.


Hayley: Honestly, it would have to be Margot Robbie as Barbie for me right now. Everything about that film is giving me goosebumps and if I could jump in there and smoke a joint with Barbie, I would be complete.


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