Your October Horoscope

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Ready to connect, Aries? October is all about relationships. Playing well with others does not come easy for you, as you prefer to lead and take charge. The month kicks off with the new moon in Libra on October 6 at 13 degrees, activating your house of partnerships, both business and personal. This lunation falls during your yearly opportunity to strengthen relationships; take an honest look at your behaviors and let go of those not so pretty ones. Hint: learning to compromise and improve your communication without battle is a swell start. Sometimes you have to let others take charge and or at least co-pilot, ok? Mars, your ruler, joins the Sun and Moon and while you'll still be your feisty self, you may feel frustrated as you have to reign in your desire to lead. Have that CBD oil handy, exercise, and breathe; your partners will appreciate your efforts, I promise. Mars will be getting into clashes all month long, so choose your battles wisely, but don’t despair. Mars also infuses your 8th house of intimacy, sex, and shared resources with a serious spark. You are gifted an opportunity to create more balance and harmony in your partnerships when Mars conjuncts the Sun on October 8, kicking off a new action plan in your house of partnerships. Libra is your mirror, which shows how you can find equanimity within your partnerships. It won’t happen overnight, in fact, you've got two years to work on it. The past four months made it seem like life was in torturous slo-mo, but hallelujah, the outer planets move direct this month and momentum will ramp up. The long-term projects and big plans you initiated months back will now slowly move forward; collaborations and career initiatives are back in full swing, with the cosmos’ support—especially your yearly Full Moon in Aries at 27 degrees, which has you smack in the spotlight. You’ve cooperated and compromised enough. Now it’s your turn to do your own thing; you get carte blanche to do whatever you please, even if you may piss off a few people.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Get moving! The outer planets have been in retrograde since mid-August, at your preferred speed: slow a.f., but guess what? It’s over! The pace quickens as the month progresses. A new moon in Libra at 13 degrees arrives on October 6, inviting you to get organized. Use your time more effectively, put more effort into your daily goals, and nurture your well-being. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s really not, so do it! Mars is conjunct at the new moon, helping you to ruthlessly eliminate habits that do not serve you. You do tend to hold on to everything too tightly. Mischievous Mars is wreaking a bit of havoc this month but try not to let him rock your inner peace. Your ruler Venus enters playful Sagittarius in your house of intimacy and shared resources on October 7. In Sagittarius, she is joyful, adventurous, fun loving, and desires pleasure, which lifts your body and spirit. While you're actively getting your life organized, you'll prefer to drop into the pleasure zone of your 8th house. Enjoy Venus holding court here for four weeks. By October 18, all the outer planets including Mercury will be direct. Your schedule will be full-on by the 18th; you're primed and ready to go. A full moon arrives in Aries, at 27 degrees on October 20, landing in your spiritual 12th house. Cue some solitude and reflection. Let go and listen to your intuition, surrender to the universe's guidance, spend time alone in nature, and dwell in your deep inner stillness. That is where your power resides.  


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You get to have all the fun this October. Yes, Mercury is still in retrograde, creating drama until the 18th, but being that it’s your ruler, you’re allowed to whine the most and at least you do it with wit and charm. The new moon in Libra at 13 degrees arrives on October 6, joining Mars in your 5th house of creativity, fun, and romance. It is a complex lunation, urging you to end something to create a new beginning. Get rid of your old clothes to add new ones. Go shopping, literally or figuratively. Have fun, Gemini; this has been another strange year. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters into Sagittarius on October 7, infusing your house of committed relationships with lightness, playfulness, and adventure. Your relationships—personal, business, and frenemies, are harmonious. A new love interest can occur under this transit while existing partnerships fall deeper in love. Venus will cast her spell until November 5, so relish in her magic. Since mid-August, all of the outer planets have been retrograding; this month, they turn direct, Pluto on the 6th, Saturn on the 10th, and Jupiter on the 18th. With each passing week, areas of your life which felt stuck or stalled will gain momentum. Mercury goes direct on the 18th; all those communication issues, especially within relationships, can be handled responsibly. The good news is this is the last Mercury retrograde of the year. The full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20, highlighting your 11th house of friends, community, and collaborations. Gemini, you do the best working with others, however, be mindful of an eruption of frustrations and inner angst—Aries is independent and inpatient. Focus on the fun, love, and friendship this month and live your best life.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, you homebody, October is beckoning you to your favorite place. A new moon arrives in Libra at 13 degrees on October 6, activating your 4th house of home, roots, and family. Mars joins this lunation; it is a new beginning, a fresh start, and the catalyst to end something. But it is not your usual calm Libra new moon. You’ll have to work through some family or home dynamics before creating a fresh start. Your home is your refuge and is essential to your well-being. Mars is feisty even if he's in Libra, the peacemaker, so when you're upset, you're known to be a bit passive-aggressive. Ditch the silent treatment, please. Libra is all about beauty, harmony, and cooperation. You need a peaceful home. Since mid-August, all the outer planets have been in retrograde and life feels like you are in slow mo, but breaking news! They are finally going direct this month, and as they slowly shift gears, the momentum returns to your relationships and finances. Mercury, the planet of communication, goes direct on the 18th; all the communication snafus within relationships can be resolved. The full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on the 20th, highlighting your career. Cancer, you may be shy and sweet, but you’re a proactive dynamo when it comes to your career! This is a challenging lunation; you may have to negotiate between partnerships and work demands. So, keep your cool, Cancer; maybe stay home that day and work on home improvements? Build back better. You can do it.


Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Socialize and be heard, Leo! You have a lot to say this month. The month starts with a new moon in Libra at 13 degrees on October 6, in your 3rd house of communication. Mercury in retrograde has been holding court there, causing mayhem. Fortunately, he turns direct on the 18th. Mars conjuncts the new moon; Mars in Libra has to be diplomatic, which not a good role for him. First, you've got to let go of something before you can begin anew. Leo, embrace your inner voice, share your ideas, and socialize. Libra strives for harmony, balance, and serenity. Do be mindful of calming your excessive thoughts and hold back from sending rash texts or emails. Mars and Mercury are not playing nice this month; you don't want to have to spend half your time cleaning up your outbursts or miscommunications. You know how dramatic you can be, so be careful and breathe. Venus enters fun-loving Sagittarius on October 7 in your 5th house of self-expression, romance, and play. Leo, you'll love this transit; while you may not be self-disciplined, don't stress, just enjoy yourself! Sagittarius is inspiring, igniting your creativity, inner kid, romance, and happiness. The outer planets are slowly shifting gears; since mid-August, they all have been in retrograde. So, by the 18th, all of them will be in direct motion. Slowly but surely, areas of your life—especially career and relationship plans that have been stalled or stuck—will start moving forward.
A full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20, activating your 9th house of travel, wisdom, and adventure, inspiring you to take a risk, and move more out of your comfort zone. It is an emotional lunation, so be aware of frustrations bubbling up or of being overly dramatic. Instead, focus on your priorities, freedom, and autonomy. Speak up and speak out with kindness, play well with others, and relish in all of it!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Walk steady and embrace the stabilizing energy October brings. Mercury, your ruler, is back peddling in retrograde until the 18th; you do not fare well during his retrograde cycles, so try not to fret when others do not respond to emails, texts, or meet deadlines. The new moon in Libra at 13 degrees arrives on October 6, starting the month in your second house of money, self-worth, and talents. Action-driven Mars joins the new moon, and the best way to work with this lunation is to start with an ending followed by a new beginning. Maybe you stop spending frivolously and start saving. Libra here loves beautiful things; you may need to reboot your budget or increase your cash flow. Mars is proactive; once Mercury goes direct, advocate for yourself and maybe any other earning opportunities. Venus enters Sagittarius on October 7 when you may crave more time at home. It is ideal for spending time with your folks and family members; Venus smooths over tensions and creates a harmonious vibe. In Sag, she is fun, warm, and playful, so if you want a less stressful, no-drama family gathering, do it this month. The celestial skies are particularly active on October 18 when Mercury, your head honcho, goes direct. Life just got better for you, dear Virgo. All the outer planets that have been retrograde since mid-August are all finally direct by the 18th. Life is slowly coming back; all the stalled projects and ideas you have been working on since spring and summer are revitalized! Best of all, you have the patience to wait things out, preferring to mull over the details rather than rushing. The full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20, illuminating your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. In Aries, this lunation is highly productive and if you can stay clear and focused, you can accomplish so much within 48 hours. However, the other side of this powerful moon creates division, and you may say things you will regret later. Virgo, you're a workhorse. Stay contained, work from home, and limit your interactions and this reboot will be revolutionary!


Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Happy Birthday, lovely Libra!  Beginning with the new moon in Libra at 13 degrees on October 6, this month ushers in your "personal new year,” so start setting intentions for at least the next six months. It’s like new year’s resolutions, only this time, the cosmos actually have your back. With Mars conjunct in the new moon, you've got to let go before you start something new and figure out what must come to an end. Making decisions is not your forte, we know. Here’s a hint: how ‘bout you unload some of that clunky personal baggage and buy a new one? You love to socialize, so get out there, relish in all the attention coming your way. Your Goddess ruler Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius on October 7 in your third house of community, neighborhood, and communication. Socialize and walk around your neighborhood, notice all the beauty surrounding you, become aware of the love you encounter daily. Let others know how much you care for them, send that text, share your gracious charm. Communications can flow harmoniously now. Be ready to receive more birthday gifts from the cosmos on October 18, when all the outer planets will finally be direct. Since mid-August, life has felt like a painfully slow app. Wherever you've felt put on hold or stalled is now in full motion! Creative projects, romance, or business are reignited. The full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20, activating your personal and professional relationships. Although it is an intense full moon, it is a turning point, and can be an ending or infusion of new possibilities. Libra, you know how to keep the peace; only choose to if it benefits you. Have a bustling birthday!


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, you'll be MIA until October 22.  If you can work remotely or solo, do it. You are the most private sign of the zodiac; no one truly knows what you are up to anyway.  Mercury is in retrograde; blame it on that when you don't return messages or emails. The new moon in Libra at 13 degrees joins Mercury and Mars when it arrives on October 6, submerging in your 12th house of solitude, retreat, and rest. It is your yearly hibernation before Scorpio season begins, a time of self-reflection and a review of the past year. Mars conjuncts the lunation, pushing you to fearlessly look at the parts of yourself you would rather not bring into 2022; let them go and start anew. Venus enters Sagittarius on October 7 in your 2nd house of finances and self-worth. Venus in Sag can be extravagant if you can't resist the urge to splurge, so maybe hide your credit cards. Financial opportunities can come your way but be sure to manage them responsibly.  last, Mercury goes direct on October 18, so you can actually answer a call now even though you probably won’t. After stalling in retrograde since mid-August like the cargo ships off the California coast, all the outer planets will finally be direct on the 18th.  Life is slowly picking up pace; your focus and determination will be in full swing. The full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20, activating your 6th house of daily routine and health. Scorpio, it’s time to give up those bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. Full moons are endings and release points—make like Nike and just do it.  


Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Find your tribe, Sag. October is beckoning you to socialize! A new moon in Libra at 13 degrees arrives on October 6, activating your 11th house of community, friends, and like-minded people. New moons are a fresh start, initiating new beginnings, but there is a slight glitch; you've got to end something first in order to start anew. Mars joins in but he wants to battle; you may have to sever ties with friends, groups, or an attitude. Libra relishes in harmonious relationships; it is essential to find the tribe that aligns with you. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign on October 7.  Sag, your confidence, optimism, and adventurous spirit shines bright. You naturally lift people's hearts; be out and about as everyone could use a dose of your positivity. October 18 is a busy day in the celestial skies; Mercury and your ruler Jupiter turn direct, worthy of a celebration. You've got your mojo back! The outer planets have been in retrograde since mid-August, are now in direct motion. So, if you feel your life has been on hold, it gets real again. Promising collaborations are back on. Issues with siblings, colleagues, or friends, can now quickly be resolved. The full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20, illuminating your 5th house of creativity, romance, and play. A highly creative moon, it’s encouraging you to focus on your creative endeavors and self-expression! October is your month to play, Sag! Have fun!  


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Work is the theme this month. Mercury is still in retrograde, wreaking havoc on your house of career. People are not meeting deadlines, there are miscommunications, and much mayhem. Gaze at your colleagues with your best resting bitch face, perhaps that will stir them into action. A new moon in Libra at 13 degrees arrives on October 6, illuminating your 10th house of career. Libra governs relationships, harmony, and justice. Cap, you spend most of your time at work, and thankfully Libra rules this sector of your life, because harmony is key. New moons are new beginnings, fresh starts; this lunation wants you to let go of something first, then start anew. Can it be a project or an attitude adjustment? Whatever it is, do it and move on. Mars is also in your career area. He only comes around every two years, arousing your ambition to achieve—as if you needed more? You love to work, though, so find that project, collaborate with others, and show them how it's done. Your big boss Saturn slowly turns direct on October 10 and you'll feel a shift in energy as you start to feel more empowered. Mercury finally goes direct on October 18, as do all the outer planets, so if you feel as if your life has been on pause, guess what? It’s back on! As the planets slowly gain momentum, life will as well. The full moon in Aries at 27 arrives on October 20, igniting your 4th house of home. Cap, take a personal day, you deserve it. It is an intense moon; it is best to work solo that day. You can accomplish a lot, only if you can avoid getting into clashes. It’s a fiery full moon, and it works to your advantage. Just make sure you don’t get burned. 


Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Expand your mind, Aquarius, and get ready for a journey this month. You are happiest traveling the road less traveled, literally, or figuratively, and this month, you will be going places. A new moon in Libra at 13 degrees arrives on October 6, igniting your 9th house of travel, spirituality, and wisdom. Mars joins the new moon; there is a desire to end something and then start fresh. It may be a belief or a preceptive, but whatever it is, liberate yourself! Mars is a trailblazer, infusing you with enthusiasm, courage, and risk-taking. Nothing excites you more than meeting a brilliant thinker who expands your worldview. You may get a case of wanderlust. You love new experiences and meeting all sorts of people—the stranger the better—but if you can't get away, take a day trip or an internal one and hang out with a shaman. A significant shift in the celestial skies occurs on October 18 when Jupiter and Mercury turn direct. Expansive Jupiter in your sign has reemerged after a four-month hiatus. Jupiter began a once every 12-year visit to Aquarius from December 19, 2020, until December 28, 2021, so the big plans you initiated in the spring can now progress; you've got two months left to maximize this promising new chapter in your life. Exciting times! Even if you are not sure where you are headed, be open to where the road will take you. The yearly full moon in Aries on October 20 highlights your 3rd house of communication and community. It is one hot-tempered full moon, so be mindful of words, emails, and texts, remember what the happy emoji are for, and use them. Meditate to calm your mind or take the CBD oil that day so you will not regret anything you say or write. Happy trails, Aquarius!


Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

This month has you in a balancing act of bountiful blessings, Pisces. A new moon in Libra arrives at 13 degrees on October 6, igniting your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. New moons are new beginnings, but this one wants an ending as well. Mars conjuncts this lunation, prompting you to create space for something new while you sever ties with what's been holding you back. Place a renewed focus on your committed relationships, intimacy, deep emotional bonding, and the stuff that goes on behind closed doors. You are sensitive and empathic and crave emotional security and depth. So, take a dive and swim in the deep end. Your shared resources and investments make this a great time to sort out your finances. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters adventurous Sagittarius on October 7, when she graces her charm in your 10th house of career. You can easily attract people and circumstances that will enhance your career.  Venus is charming; she knows how to work well with others. If you’re single, you may find love at work or even on those Zoom meetings. Jupiter, your ruler, and Mercury will turn direct on October 18, hallelujah! Jupiter, the planet of luck, has been dwelling in your 12th house since Dec 2020. It is the house of creativity, mysticism, and retreat. It is also where you find your inspiration; you feel at home here, Pisces. It rules endings, closures, and forgiveness. This Jupiter cycle is a once-every-12-years visit that brings significant growth. You're taking inventory of everything that's happened in your life since late 2010 and wrapping up a cycle that began then. You've got two months; Jupiter will enter into Pisces on December 28 to start a fabulous new 12-year cycle! The start of a new life! A full moon in Aries at 27 degrees arrives on October 20 and lands in the 2nd house of cash, self-worth, and talents. It's a feisty, full moon, so try hard to temper your reactions and stay focused. This month, you must find a comfortable balance between your penchant for dream-like magic, practical realities, and relationships, and guess what? You will!


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