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MUST HAVE: Martin Margiela Curiosities Now At ShopTheStandard

Elusive Belgian designer Martin Margiela's household curiosities can now be purchased at The Standard Shop in New York and online at ShopTheStandard. Imported from France – and very difficult to find in the US – Maison Martin Margiela Ligne 13 includes an ostrich egg doorstop, a magnifying glass that we nicknamed The Lane Pryce, a candleholder made of candle wax, notebooks wanting to be ripped and a glorious feather pen, which, by the way, we had to get a bloody Fish and Wildlife permit to import.

Feather Pens

Decorated with a delicate and immaculate feather, a classic ballpoint pen offers a humorous take on the old-fashioned quill. Made in France, with real feathers of farm birds.

Magnifying Glasses

The half of a pair of glasses becomes magnifying glass at x 2.50.

Ostrich Egg

This real weighted ostrich egg may block a door, hold paper or be of any other decorative use. Please handle this fragile object with great care. Dimensions: H 14cm. Handmade from farm’s ostrich’s egg, in France.

Claustrophobic Notebooks

Notebook bounded by two spirals that prevent its opening. To release the pages and use them, one must rip one side of the cover and so on for each page. Comes in two sizes: S and M.


Melted wax creates a candle holder. With time, the running wax makes the object unique. 7 Candles included. Made in France.

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