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Art Basel: Miu Miu M/Marbles Stool's Garden Moment

Art Basel Miami becomes a celebration of all things colorful and fun – the clear blue Miami sky and balmy nights the perfect setting for a little fantasy. That little fantasy is perfectly encapsulated in M/Marbles Stool that held its ground in the garden of the The Standard Spa with a doppleganger at the Post office in the Design District. Here is a little insight into what the stool is about

To coincide with Art Basel Miami, 2019, Miu Miu presented the M/Marbles Stool, a precious, strictly limited edition design, created in collaboration with M/M (Paris). 

An artistic evolution of the Miu Miu M/Matching Color Stool, launched at FuoriSalone in Milan earlier this year, the Miu Miu M/Marbles Stool was originally inspired by the set design for Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2018 ready-to-wear show. 

The Miu Miu M/Marbles Stool is crafted in an opulent and meticulously researched mix of paradoxical materials, including wood, rubber and glass. The three-legged design has a walnut frame overlaid with palm wood, referencing the palm tree-lined Miami sidewalks: like a prized jewel, walnut is guarded and concealed beneath another prestigious material.

Playing with the language of fashion, rubber and glass evoke accessories. Rubber — a material most commonly found on the soles of shoes — is used to stencil the form. Glass matchsticks finish and personalise the design, reflecting fashion’s artisanal nature, as each matchstick is made by hand. The glistening objects contrast with the matt base of the stool, injecting colour and lightness. 

Echoing the playful interactive process of a game that uses logic, the different coloured matchsticks may be moved around to create original patterns, further customising the design, and ensuring that no two Miu Miu M/Marbles Stools are ever the same. 

"The idea is to create a life-size, human-scale box in which you can experience the stool" - Mathius Augustyniak

The Miu Miu M/Marbles Stool, limited to an edition of 40, was shown from December 6 – 8 at the Miami Design District Post Office and in the garden of The Standard Spa Miami Beach.

"The idea is to create a life-size, human-scale box in which you can experience the stool," says M/M (Paris) cofounder Mathius Augustyniak of the two sculptures on display during Art Basel. "To have a larger version of the stool that could almost look like a tent or house, and then that is to bring this idea of domesticity, what could be a Miu Miu temporary house."


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