Find Out What The "CREATURE IS"

The Art Journey curated by NEV3R & BRIDGE
January 21 – 26, 2022

An immersive art festival that will take you on a journey to experience the CREATURE

Featuring works from 13 artists 

Artist Line Up:

2022 is starting off with a bang. The new year will bring about a highly anticipated event for Thai art lovers and appreciators. “CREATURE IS The Art Journey curated by NEV3R & BRIDGE” is an immersive exhibition that will encourage visitors to step outside and experience art among nature. Spearheaded by three legendary names in the Thai art scene — NEV3R, LOLAY and KOBORED — in partnership with Bridge Art Agency, the event will also showcase 10 up-and-coming hot shots: BAYBIES, CUSCUS, FREAK, INKSMITH, JORRA, KASSY, MAE HAPPYAIR, MAX, POL STYLISH NONSENSE and TULREXX.

The show will be held at the newly opened lifestyle destination, The Standard, Hua Hin. Taking inspiration from the laidback year-round summer vibes of Miami, this new hotel on Hua Hin’s beachfront makes for an inviting casual-but-cool backdrop for the exhibition.


NEV3R (aka Mongkol 'George' Ratanapakdee) is a well-known name in Thailand’s art scene. The Bangkok-based artist works across numerous mediums including wall paintings, graffiti and paintings. He is the curator of “CREATURE IS.”

“This exhibition was born out of the desire and curiosity to see how each artist would interpret the brief. Through their unique lens, we hoped to see art come alive in all kinds of shape and form,” NEV3R said. 

NEV3R continues: “When you talk about humans, there are so many different facets to consider. There’s good and bad, lightness and darkness. There’s the side that the public gets to see, and then there’s a hidden side that remains closed off to the world. Through the main concept of ‘CREATURE IS,' we invited friends and artists we admire to come and share their take on this complex topic.

“There are no limits. The ‘creature’ that we are talking about can be interpreted in whichever form and whichever medium the artist connects with most — whether in the form of a character or a cartoon, a monster or something that lives only in your imagination. What we have here in the end is a variety of works influenced by the differing experiences, inspirations and feelings of each artist.

“The most fascinating thing about this event might be the fact that the lineup of contributors is wide-ranging. We have Thai artists who have cemented themselves as this generation’s greatest names, such as LOLAY and KOBORED, along with fresh faces including those who are exhibiting for the first time.

“For me, this exhibition has allowed me to experiment with new materials and new spaces. In terms of my journey and where I seek my inspiration from, I usually don’t travel to far destinations; I find that inspiration hits me hardest when I just go out and live my life — when I meet people, chat with friends, go out drinking, look at art.” 


LOLAY (aka Taweesak Sritongdee) is a pop artist whose work covers paintings, illustrations and sculptures. He’s been working in the art scene for over 20 years and currently resides in Hua Hin.

“For me, what’s exciting about this exhibition is the space in which the event will take place in — there’s the building itself, the exterior and the interior. It is a challenge for artists to produce work that’s true to them, while considering all the possibilities and limitations of the space in which the work will be shown. It truly is so interesting,” LOLAY said.

LOLAY continues: “I’m a homebody. I spend most of my time working in the studio and don’t like to travel much. That being said, I still get asked to travel all time and whenever I do, it’s always a fun experience for me.

“As a local artist who resides in Hua Hin, there’s lots I can say about this beach town. Hua Hin is a lovely destination abundant with nature. There are rivers and mountains and it’s not too far from Bangkok. Since I’ve moved here, I’m always getting visitors from Bangkok and the south, which has allowed me to share all that Hua Hin has to offer. If artists can get together in Hua Hin and exhibit their work here more often, I think it would be an amazing opportunity for everyone.” 


KOBORED (aka Pongpassakorn ‘Kob’ Kulthirathum) is one of Thailand’s leading visual artists with global popularity.
“I agreed to join this exhibition almost immediately when P’ George (aka NEV3R) reached out to me. I was thrilled to learn that this exhibition will get people outside their familiar

surroundings. This is an art exhibition that’s not held in your typical gallery, but in Hua Hin, a new playground for us to experiment with. Other than that, there’s the fact that I would be joining forces with so many artists whom I respect as well as younger talent who are shaping the next generation of Thailand’s art scene. I have to thank NEV3R for inviting me to join and Bridge Art Agency for making this happen.”

KOBORED continues, telling us what we can expect to see from him in this exhibition: “Personally, I have always liked experimenting with space in my work. When I see a new space, I receive new inspiration. It’s exciting to work on these things. As an artist, I try to develop my work in a way that shares my experience and myself to the audience. I’ve lived my life, I’ve seen some things, I’ve felt some things and now I want to share that with the exhibition goers.

“As someone who’s familiar with light installation art and someone who enjoys privacy — I love going camping and being with myself — I’ve had a lot of time to study light and reflection. I used to use artificial light in my work but am now experimenting with natural light manipulation to create new pieces.

“This exhibition isn’t in a white gallery room. We’re allowed to connect the concept of the show to the things we’re interested in and display it in a space that’s quite exciting. If you enjoy art and usually find yourself going to galleries, I’d like to invite you to come experience this weekend because this project includes works from 13 different artists; it’s a unique chance to come together and celebrate the different perspectives and takes on what ‘CREATURE IS.’”

Lastly, NEV3R discussed his expectations as the curator of the

show: “I want everyone — from the artists to the guests — to discover something new about themselves. I hope the artists have fun creating the show, and I hope the audience has fun interpreting it in their own way. I’d like to invite everyone to come join us at the ‘CREATURE IS’ exhibition and view these stellar works through their own lens.” 

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