Your October Horoscope: Relationships Take Centre Stage, Keep it Real, Authentic, Watch out for Power Struggles. Compromise is the Answer!

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (if you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways:

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Ready to connect, Aries? October is all about relationships, whether it be partners, sex, money, intimacy, you know, the juicy stuff! Mars, your avatar, makes his once in 2-year debut in Libra on October 3 in your 7th house of committed relationships. He's gifting you confidence and diplomacy and urging you to take action in dating or relationships, making them dream-worthy.  Aries, it’s time to compromise and commit. Yes, I did write compromise, and yes, you can do it! You can be so incredibly charming, sexy, and chivalrous. October is the month to project your best intentions and spread loving vibes, dear Aries. On October 8, Venus leaves Libra and enters the erotic and powerful sign of Scorpio, slipping into your 8th house of sex, intimacy and money. Ooh la la, Aries, I am blushing! Put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on your bedroom door, leave your cell in the living room, and spend the weekend between the sheets. It's not just about hot sex; your relationships become more authentic while intimacy deepens.  This is what we dream for. I wanna be you this month! Do be wary of obsessive, jealous or controlling behaviors.  Don't become or attract a psycho texter—it's beyond annoying.  Keep your cool, have your hot sex, deepen your partnerships, but don't forget to sort out your finances.  On October 13, there is a full moon in Aries; it’s like a cosmic new year for you! This powerful lunation is a touch challenging; the moon is playing with the big boys—Saturn and Pluto—who like to control everything. Aries, you do not want to be controlled.  Watch your temper, have your CBD oil handy, exercise, meditate, or take a personal day. Enjoy your yearly cosmic new year. I think your boss should understand, don't you? Maya Angelou, a fellow legendary Aries, said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" Heed her sage advice Aries. If ever there was a time to do so, this is the time. You are unforgettable. 

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, October appears to be a stellar month if you give it your best. The month kicks off with the yearly new moon in Libra activating your 6th house of self-care. Mars makes its 2-year entrance, giving you the energy to work out, get organized and work hard.  Taurus, getting yourself to the gym can be an insurmountable task sometimes. You prefer Netflix and chilling on your couch, sipping a rosé, while doing leg lifts. Instead, though, think of exercise as medicine—it's good for you! Diets aren't your forte (nor are they mine) but do buy the organic ice cream and eat moderately, at least for this month. Libra rules this area of your life; you prefer balance and harmony, nothing too extreme. On October 8, your Goddess ruler Venus dips into the passionate, all-consuming Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is obsessive. Think of the lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance,” which pretty much sums up Venus in Scorpio:  "I want your love and I want your revenge." With you, it’s all or nothing.  Venus in Scorpio is magnetic, intense and passionate. She will be highlighting your 7th house of committed relationships all month long. Relationships are about to get real, Taurus. If you're single, you're not looking for a hookup, you're looking to be consumed.  Your magnetism is at its peak.  Those partnered, you can take it to a level of depth and authenticity. Taurus, naturally you can be jealous and possessive. With Venus here, you can turn into a crazy stalker—or attract one. If you find yourself losing control, do something about it! October 13 is the full moon in Aries, hiding out in your 12th house, asking you to take a break or sneak off. Read, meditate, sleep or gaze at the clouds because you'll need time alone with all the intensity happening around your love life. Lizzo, a fellow Taurus, says, "I know I am a queen, but I don't need no crown.” Taurus, you are always the Queen, and your crowning jewel is to rule with kindness.  

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

This month, Gemini, be ready to have some major fun!  The month starts with the new moon in Libra, highlighting your 5th house of creativity, love affairs and romance. Libra is your BFF, so take advantage of this energy as it's highly creative, inspiring and romantic! Have a love affair, renew the romance in your partnership, be creative, and just have fun, period. Mars joins the party on October 4 and pay attention—he only makes an appearance here every 2 years. Mars is infusing you with energy, passion and creativity. It's a very self-expressive time, Gemini; you know how to express yourself!  Put that restless energy into good ol’ play and pleasure. Be mindful not to burn the candle at both ends, though. You're not feeling too disciplined this month; it's time to socialize, entertain and create. Venus enters intense Scorpio on the 8th, lighting up your 6th house, spotlighting your work, daily routine and self-care. Venus is asking you to examine your professional relationships. It's also a time to look inward at your own stuff. Venus is in the power sign of Scorpio; it's all or nothing, and you're always in-between. Gemini, your quick wit and charm can turn any intense situation into one of levity.  On October 13, the full moon in Aries lands in your 11th house of friends. It is one intense full moon; the perfect antidote is to hang with your tribe. Keep all the negativity at bay.  Kendrick Lamar, a fellow a Gemini, asked, "Don't you know your imperfections are a wonderful blessing?" Yep, you are a wonderful blessing, Gemini.  

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer, you homebody, you’re gonna love October!  The new moon and Mars will be activating your 4th house of home, roots and family.  Mars only comes around every two years to this area of your chart, so take advantage. Think home improvements! Decorating, renovating, or perhaps a move?  Mars energizes wherever he goes, so while you're busy revamping your home, watch out for petty arguments over the remote, or who needs to take out the trash.  Mars is feisty even if he's in Libra, the peacemaker, so when you're upset, you're known to be a bit passive-aggressive. Ditch the silent treatment please, Cancer.  Libra is all about beauty, harmony and cooperation. You need a peaceful home. After you beautify your place, invite your folks or the friends whom you consider family, and throw an elegant dinner party. I will DM you my email for an invite, thanks. Home is where the heart is and you gotta love your home, Cancer.  On October 8, Venus lights up your 5th house of love affairs, romance, creativity and kids. She enters Scorpio, your partner in crime. Scorpio is magnetic, alluring and seductive.  How does a sizzling hot romance with depth, intimacy and attachment sound? This is not your average Friday night hookup material; if you get involved, it will be intense, passionate and, yikes, even obsessive. Can you handle it? Be honest, Cancer, your neediness is real, and you can get attached after a single kiss. Keep those eyes wide open! For those already attached, this is the month to dive into the deep end and to merge with greater intimacy and pleasure. Also, reel in the kids, as they are likely to be more willful, trying and demanding of you. Patience is a virtue and, at times, a unicorn, but you can do it. October 13 is the full moon, landing in your 10th house of career. This full moon is challenging, and you may have to negotiate between partnerships and work demands. Keep your cool, Cancer, maybe just stay home that day and continue with the home improvements?  The Dalai Lama, a fellow Cancer, says, "A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life." Love your home, dear Cancer, and that love will embrace you right back. 

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

October is one of the loveliest and busiest social months for you. Everybody wants you!  But you already knew that, Leo, didn’t you? The month begins with the new moon in Libra, along with Mars, who only makes an appearance every 2 years, landing in your house of communication, social life and connections.  Mars energizes everything he encounters. Text, chat, Instagram and email away. You're buzzing with creative ideas and inspired to share. We all need to hear those ideas, trust me; my ears are ringing with anticipation! Libra energy loves connecting, networking and sharing. Gather together and brainstorm.  Just be conscious of your mindset; negative thinking is a big no-no this month—shift the energy when your mind turns south. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, slides into Scorpio on October 8, activating your 4th house of home and family. Scorpio is intense, private, mysterious and obsessive. Leo, you are private when it comes to your home life, invited only the chosen into your sanctuary. Who knew? Only your astrologer! The 4th house is where you go to restore, feel safe and feel emotionally secure. October is such a busy social month that spending time at home with only a few loved ones is ideal. The full moon on October 13, in Aries, your BFF, lands in your 9th house of long-distance travel, spirituality and higher knowledge. It's an ideal time to get away, use those miles and take off to Europe for a long weekend. Aries is all about adventure, go somewhere, learn something new and expand your mind, Leo.  Jennifer Lopez, a fabulous fellow Leo, says, "Always follow your heart—sometimes it's gonna hurt, but you're going to be fine."  Leo, you're all about heart and, yep, you’re going to be fine, so spread that Leo love. 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, fall is your season to thrive!  October commences with the new moon in Libra, activating 2 houses--one of self-worth and money and the other of talents. The universe has added the driven planet Mars mix, and he is the Eveready Bunny. Jumpstart your business, ask for that raise and increase your fee. You are worth it! Virgo, you may find the ideal business partnership or company to launch your wares.  Mars only comes around every 2 years; don't waste this opportunity. Be aware of indecision and too many niceties, as being overly cooperative is self-defeating. To remedy that, Mercury, your CEO, enters Scorpio on October 3, activating your 3 houses of communication, attitude and community. Scorpio is direct, penetrating, intuitive and obsessive. The energy blends very well with you, dear Virgo. Venus enters these houses on October 8, tweaking with relationships, love and beauty. Scorpio can lead to obsessive thinking and emotional reactions, but also brilliant insights, from which great poetry has emerged. Be mindful of the typically Virgo traps— being overly critical, over-analyzing and excessive rumination and daydreaming. The full moon on October 13 lands in your 8th house of shared resources, sex, and intimacy. This full moon is battling it out with the big bossy planets, so beware: tempers are hot, and people can become irrational. Keep your Virgo cool, because we all will need some Virgo calm within the Full moon madness. Being of service is your calling. Keanu Reeves, the quintessential Virgo, says, "Art is about trying to find the good in people and making the world a more compassionate place." Virgo, your art is needed, your essence is to be of service.  

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Happy birthday, lovely Libra!  The month kicks off with your yearly new moon in your sign, aiming the spotlight on beautiful you! Fall in love with yourself this month; dress up, go shopping, and make this month about you. Mars, the sexy warrior, is gifting himself to you this birthday season. He lands in your sign and enters your 1st house on October 3. You’re smokin' Libra, so strut your stuff. You'll have more energy, enthusiasm and drive than you've had in a long time. Bask in the limelight, Libra. On October 8, your Goddess ruler Venus enters the sultry, powerful sign of Scorpio, falling in your second house of self-value, money and talent. It's time to re-evaluate these aspects.  So, this month, please ponder: are you valuing your highest self, getting paid your worth, living your best life? If so, kudos, keep it going! If not, it's time to make changes, Libra. You are the sign of reason, balance and harmony; confrontation isn't your thing. Still, you must muster up the courage and elevate yourself. Ask for that much-deserved raise, increase your rates and showcase your talents. On October 13, the full moon in Aries illuminates your 7th house of committed relationships. To those partnered, and most of you are, this is the perfect time to work out any differences. Those who are single, and after this month I doubt you will be, get serious about dating. Libra, John Lennon once said, " All you need is love.” And, lovely Libra, that’s all you need, too. Love is your essence.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Hello, lover! You are so mysterious this month, Scorpio.  October begins with the new moon in Libra, landing in your 12th house. That's where you can go to retreat, turn inward and contemplate your belly button in quiet secret. Mars, your head honcho, arrives there on October 3. Lust goes underground and possibly undercover as passionate Mars burrows into your 12th house for its first visit in 2 years. Secret or illicit affairs may find their way into your ecosphere, Scorpio. Beware, be careful and be discreet. While Mars is playing hide and seek, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, lands in your first house of self on October 8.  Scorpio, your reputation as the most intense, alluring sign of the zodiac shines through more than ever this month. No surprise, people are attracted to you like bees to honey—except, ouch, you have a mean sting! With Venus in Scorpio, there's more emotion, passion, possession and intensity than usual. Please go easy when it comes to your relationships. Scorpio, mon amour, if the flame has dimmed, we know you won't stick around; with you, it's full-on heat or nothing at all. On October 13, the Aries full moon lands in your 6th house of work, self-care and the daily grind. I suggest you spend the day at the gym, run a marathon, or take a personal day to cope with this full moon madness.  It's intense, tempers are flaring, and frustration is at its peak. No one needs to feel the Scorpio sting. Pablo Picasso, your arty zodiac-mate, once said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Scorpio you possess so many gifts, so start sharing! 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Hey Sag, get ready for one busy October!  The month begins with the new moon in Libra, activating your 11th house of friendships and like-minded peeps. Libra relishes in relationships and love; be prepared, as you may fall in love with a new friend or meet a new lover. Mars joins in on October 3, when he shows up every 2 years.  Mars is an infusion of enthusiasm, energy and innovation.  You're one social butterfly and your Google calendar should be overbooked with social events. Network or join a political campaign—2020 is around the corner and needs your help.  Attend a march for climate change, because, Sag, you're the idealist and the world needs you now more than ever. Get involved in causes you find worthy. Mars will make sure you do!  On October 8, Venus, the planet of love, will be hiding out in your 12th house. The 12th house is where you go to escape, retreat, meditate and find your inspiration. She lands in private, secretive, Scorpio.  Why not take off—find a place to chill, go hiking, volunteer and help others in need? Sag, you've always been a free spirit and abhor being tied down. Make sure you get the requisite space and freedom you crave this month. Keep it balanced, though. You're so social this month, the universe is offering a little downtime. The full moon on October 13, in your BFF Aries, lands in your 5th house of love affairs, romance and play. I know what you'll be up to on October 13, enjoy, wink! Sag, you certainly know how to have fun! The legendary Jimi Hendrix, a Sagittarius, once said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” Sagittarius, the world needs to know more of you.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, you’re gonna love this month! October begins with the new moon in Libra, illuminating your 10th house of career. Libra governs relationships, harmony and justice. Cap, you spent most of your time at work, and thankfully Libra rules this sector of your life because harmony is key. The 10th house is always your comfort zone; you must be mindful of relationships at work. Are you fair and reasonable?  Are things harmonious? Do make a concerted effort to get along with everyone, whether your efforts are genuine or a little forced?  Fake till you make it, Cap.  It is your nature to stay cool on the surface while inside, you may be sweating. Work on that internal inferno and let it go. Mars, the planet of action joins in on the 10th party, on October 3. He only comes around every 2 years, so use this opportunity to begin new projects, start a new job, or launch your own business.   Mars arouses your ambition to achieve—as if you needed more? Capricorn, you love to work, though, so find that project, collaborate with others, and show them how it's done. Mars will be in your 10th for the next 6 weeks, relish in all you can accomplish. Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio on October 8, when she'll be activating your 11th house of friends and like-minded people. When you're not working, go, socialize! Hang out with your tribe! All work and no play makes you one full Capricorn. You may meet a new love through friends, and that alone should inspire you. On October 13, the full moon in Aries is calling you home. Most likely you'll be spending most of your time working this month; you've got to attend to your home life. This full moon will do the trick. The inspiring Greta Thunberg, an exemplary Capricorn, said, "The one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come" Capricorn, you are the sign of action, and as such, a sign of hope.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Expand your mind, Aquarius! The month begins with the yearly new moon in Libra, your ride or die, activating your house of travel, philosophy and education. Jet away on a trip, philosophize about the meaning of life, take a class and learn something new. Nothing excites you more than meeting a brilliant thinker who expands your worldview. Mars, who only shows up every 2 years, will join in on October 3. Mars is a trailblazer, infusing you with enthusiasm, courage and risk-taking. You may get a case of the wanderlust blues. Cash in those miles, grab your passport and work remotely for a few weeks. Sounds divine, can I come? You love new experiences and meeting all sorts of people—the stranger the better—but if you can't jet away, take a day trip and just shake it up, Aquarius. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio. She lights up your professional world — the 10th house.  People will respond to you this month; you're favored for a change, so enjoy it, Aquarius.  Maybe ask for that promotion? If you're looking for love, all you must do is just look up from your computer from time to time and check out who is around. Are you listening?  On October 13, the yearly full moon in Aries highlights your 3rd house of communication and community. It is one hot-tempered full moon, so be mindful of words, emails and texts, remember what the happy emoji are for, and use them.  Eat an edible that day, so you will not regret anything you say or write. Abraham Lincoln, an admirable Aquarius, said, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Aquarius, you’ve got the power, so stand for humanity. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, it's one hot month, and I’m not talking about the weather.  October kicks off with the new moon in Libra falling in your 8th house. Get ready for a renewed focus on sex, money and intimacy. The universe wants you to get the message, so Mars, the sexy warrior, will join in on the fun on October 3rd. He only makes a rare 2-year appearance, and if you dream it, this sexy stuff may all come your way. We know that tending to the mundane issues of life is super boring for your sign. Still, you've got to manage your finances, especially if you have debt. Get on a budget, make a plan. Shared resources may become an issue; there could be conflicts over money. The sex is the easy part; it's the money that will be the challenge. Isn’t it always? Libra rules this area of your chart, so compromise, collaboration and harmony are essential. Dear Pisces, please don't sacrifice your worth to keep the peace. Promise? Venus is hanging out in your 9th house of travel, spirituality and legal affairs. Why not take that trip to an exotic locale—somewhere especially colorful and vibrant? Learn the language, meet a Guru. Please just don’t get arrested or end up doing anything other than touring an historic foreign jail cell. Venus also lands in Scorpio, your soulmate, so expect random meetings as part of your destiny this month. On October 13, the full moon in Aries, lands in the 2 houses of cash and self-worth and talents. It's a feisty, full moon, so try hard to temper your reactions and stay focused. This month, you must find a comfortable balance between your penchant for dream-like magic and practical realities, relationships and routines of the Venusian world. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a particularly powerful Pisces, said, "So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune." We should all be so lucky, Pisces.


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