Your November Horoscopes: Mercury Goes Retrograde. Drop the Gloom and Doom. It is a Second Chance to Rethink, Reflect, and Revise!

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (if you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways: Mercury goes retrograde. Drop the gloom and doom. It is a second chance to rethink, reflect, and revise!

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Buckle up, Aries! November is going to be one transformational month, kicking off with a New Moon and Mercury retrograde in powerful Scorpio. This New Moon is unpredictable and exciting with the rebel planet Uranus in the mix. It plays out in your 8th house of secrets, sex, transformation and money. This is the house that keeps therapists in business. Do you know a good one? I'd book that session, pronto. Nothing is superficial here; sex isn't the light fun stuff, it's the merging, profound bonding, intimate, kinky kind. The 8th house is your secret power, Aries. Tap into your inner superhero, take a risk in your intimate relationships and don't go south with jealously, vindictive behaviors or power plays. Focus on your finances. Make a plan to pay off debt, or just don't spend money this month if you can handle that. Instead, spend your free time between the sheets. You’re blazing hot this month and it has nothing to do with the weather. Mercury retrograde gives you a second chance to redo, rethink and regenerate.  Are you giving more of what is asked of you, Aries? Money, time, or emotional investment? Talk it over with your therapist, guide, or astrologer. Also, be mindful of communication and, ideally, have those meaningful conversations in person. Too many misunderstandings can happen, so do make sure you're sexting to the right person! Please Aries, no arguments over money or shared resources. Just talk it through, breathe, and take some CBD oil just to be safe. In case you don't dive deep into the 8th house, the universe is sending your avatar, Mars, there on November 19th and it’s staying until January 2nd. He only makes an appearance every 2 years, so don't waste this ripe opportunity to transform how you assert yourself in the world. Aim high, Aries, you're a natural leader, but do it with kindness and awareness. The Full Moon on November 12th occurs in Taurus, landing in your 2nd house of self-worth and cash! The Full Moon is aligned with Saturn and Pluto, so think practical, realistic and grounded.  Wait until next month to increase your fees or ask for that long-overdue raise. Cheers to inner transformation! You'll become a beautiful butterfly by the end of the month, just make sure to do the inner work. Here's to one strong and admirable Aries, Nancy Pelosi, who said, "Maybe it will take a woman to clean up the White House." Aries, we’re counting on you!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Get ready to compromise, Taurus!  November is all about relating. The month kicks off a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio, dwelling in your 7th house of committed relationships. There is a slight glitch, though. Mercury is there as well and he's retrograded. Being in the alluring sign of Scorpio, who holds all the secrets, let me ask you upfront: how have you been behaving, dear Taurus? You know how stubborn and possessive you can be, so maybe lighten the grip this month? Mercury retrograde is a rewind, a pause, a second chance to revise your personal agreements, and you should relish in that. Apologize, compromise and listen to your partners. Expect your DMs to be filled with old lovers reaching out—Mercury retrograde through the house of partnerships always lures them back. If you have unfinished business, this is the time to wrap it up or recommit. Venus, your Goddess ruler, enters the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius, thank you universe! You need a reprieve from Scorpio's intensity. She lands in your 8th house of sex, intimacy and money—all your faves. While you are sorting out your differences with your partner, makeup sex is the reward.  Single Taurus get out of your apartment and be seen. You can get so complacent, and now’s not the time to hibernate with your BFF Netflix.  November 13th is your yearly Full Moon in Taurus, shining the light on you.  You'll be feeling vital, so ask for what you desire, which is a lot, but you deserve it all, dear Taurus. You radiate calm, soothing energy. I think you're needed at the White House, which could certainly use a calming influence, don’t ya think? A brilliant Taurus, William Shakespeare, once said, “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." You know?  Yes, Taurus, you do.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Let’s change the narrative, Gemini! After all, it comes naturally to you and you're always doing it, so may as well do it this month, too. November begins with Mercury retrograde and instead of dread, think second try, a do-over, a pause, a breath of fresh air. Can you?  Mercury is your ruler when he goes south, and it is more challenging for you than most. This retrograde is in the sign of Scorpio, activating your 6th house of self-care and work. Scorpio is the most willful and powerful sign of the zodiac, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes.  It is time for deep healing, Gemini. I'm talking about the mind-body-spirit connection. Go see a healer, commit to monthly acupuncture, get to a meditation class. Not so much? Then renew your gym membership, see your shrink, and make those yearly doctor appointments.  Revisit projects you haven't completed or shelved. Mercury in retrograde is offering you the opportunity to revise, revisit and redo all the "re" prefixes. Make friends with Mercury in retrograde; you may look forward to the next one in 2020. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in your 7th house of committed relationships all month long. This rare celestial event is on November 24th when Venus and Jupiter, the planet of luck, hook up, creating a sensational celestial lovefest. You’re irresistible Gem, and your wit and charm are off the charts. We all need to bask in your happiness, so spread it widely.  Partnered or single, the 24th is not the night to spend solo! On November 12th, the Full Moon is in Taurus, in your house of solitude.  A little alone time then will do wonders for your soul. Being the social butterfly, even you need a time out. Try a digital detox that day. I dare you. It would be quite an accomplishment. Cheers to love, luck and to Mercury retrograde. The enigmatic, prolific and extraordinary Gemini, Prince, once sang, "I'm not a human/I am a dove/ I'm your conscious/I am love.” Be the love, Gem! 

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Socialize this month, Cancer!  November kicks off with a New Moon in Scorpio, your BFF, along with Mercury in retrograde. The action occurs in your 5th house of joy, love affairs, self-expression and kids. Tap into your inner wild child, Cancer, have some fun!  It's all or nothing in the sign of Scorpio. When you have that hot romance, it could be all-consuming lust, so If you’re looking for just a fling, be upfront about it, ok Cancer? You don’t need a psycho stalking you for more.  Do expect to hear from an ex or two; Mercury in retrograde brings back the past.  Advice from your astrologer: wait until November 21st before recommitting, you'll thank me for it. Mercury's twirl backwards is a redo, you get a second chance. It could be old love, a creative project you've neglected, or that time you’ve been meaning to spend with your kids. This is the time to do so! It's a demand from the universe, Cancer. Indulge your inner child. The yearly Full Moon in Taurus, November 12th, lands in your house of friends and social networks. Go hang out with your friends, join a food cooperative, feed the homeless, do what feeds your soul, Cancer. You are the nurturer of the zodiac, and we are all in need of some compassion. Who best does that? You, my dear. Have a blast this November. An inspirational Cancer, Nelson Mandela, once said, "One of the most difficult things is not to change society—but to change yourself.”  Here's to change! 

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, have you been scrolling through real estate apps at 3 a.m.?  November begins with the New Moon and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, activating your 4th house of home and family. Dreaming of moving, renovating?  Don't do it this month. Instead, clean out your closets, Feng Shui your place, move the furniture around. The universe is asking you to revisit the past, call your folks, siblings, or those you consider family. Scorpio digs up the dirt and reveals secrets, so it’s time to ponder: what are you hiding, Leo? Family members, you need to make amends with? This is the time to do it. Order 23andMe and find out your true identity—you never know what—or who— you'll find. Misunderstanding and miscommunication can happen, so instead of texting, be brave and have those heart to hearts in person. Leo, drop the drama and spread the love—your family needs it! Why not host Thanksgiving dinner at your place? If it gets too intense, pass out the edibles. When you're not dealing with family issues, go have fun! Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into Sagittarius, your BFF, highlighting your 5th house of love affairs, self-expression and creativity. You thrive here, Leo! Indulge yourself, as discipline is overrated in November. Have a love affair, admire art, go to a concert—do whatever brings you joy as long as it's semi-legal. It only gets better when, on November 24th, a rare celestial event unites the planet of luck, Jupiter, with Venus. It’s a real lovefest. Do be mindful of overindulgence, as you will be shocked when you see your credit card bill in December. I know you will not heed the warning, so, I guess, enjoy every second. The yearly Full Moon in Taurus lands in your 10th house of career. Between family issues and 5th house fun, don't forget about your work obligations. Work-related projects or connections you began six months ago will come to fruition on the Full Moon. What a month this will be! A noble and dignified Leo, President Barack Obama, once said, “It’s important to make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds" Keep talking, Leo!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Breathe, Virgo!  November begins with your head honcho, Mercury, going underground in the sign of Scorpio until November 21st.  He'll be hanging out in your 3rd house, which rules your attitude, communication and siblings. Mercury retrograde messes with you. You do not deal with it gracefully. Virgo, may I suggest you try a different approach this month? Think of it as a rewind, a revision, a second chance to get it right. You're an alchemist, transforming everything and everyone for the better, and now you get another opportunity to do so! First, start with yourself and take the time to consciously release negative, critical thoughts. Your family and friends will be greatly appreciative. When text messages, emails or people don’t show up on time, breathe, Virgo. Meditate, quiet your mind, call your siblings, and be mindful of all communication. How about ending everything text or email with a happy emoji? Venus, the planet of love and beauty, joins up with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your 4th house of home and hearth. Being in the fun-loving, fiery sign of Sagittarius, your house is the place to be in November. Pop open that bottle of Krug champagne over meaningful conversations. Please, host Thanksgiving and I'll DM you for an invite. It is also an ideal time to plan renovations, redecorate, or move. You will go over your budget big time if you're not careful. Venus and Jupiter are excessive. The yearly Full Moon on November 12th is in your BFF, Taurus, activating your 9th house of travel, philosophy and spirituality. Sign up for that workshop you've wanted to attend, book a trip to meet a guru and expand your mind, Virgo. May this be the best Mercury retrograde yet, but don’t forget, it's all about your mindset.  Beyoncé, an inspiring Virgo, once said, "If everything was perfect, you would never learn, and you would never grow." Let go of being perfect, Virgo!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Hide your credit cards this month, Libra, and don’t go near Amazon either. Mercury is retrograde until November 21st, landing in your house of cash, talents and self-worth. Mercury is gifting you the chance to reassess and rethink how you view money and self-esteem. Are you living up to your potential?  In debt? Embrace Mercury's retrograde; sort out your cash flow and realize how talented you are, dear Libra. No extra spending for three weeks, please. You can do it, I promise.  The yearly Full Moon in Taurus is activating the 8th house of money, sex and intimacy. Money will be on your mind this month, so get creative and find ways to save.  Venus, your Goddess ruler, enters your 3rd house of communications and learning.  Libra, you want smarts this month, someone to stimulate your mind and connect with you on an intellectual level.  Try having conversations and witty banter with your siblings or former professors while you're on your three-week spending sabbatical. In a rare, celestial event, Venus joins the expansive Jupiter on November 24th. It is a true lovefest.  You'll be feeling the love in your everyday life. Spread that Libra love everywhere—to the doorman, your neighbors, dog walkers and barista. Do tell your siblings you love 'em, because we take them for granted way too much. Libra, we all need massive amounts of kindness, tolerance and love, especially now, and you're the one to lead the way.  Sort out your shared resources and relish in some sensual loving. A fascinating Libra, Oscar Wilde, once said, "The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."  As the quintessential peacemaker, kindness comes easily, especially this month!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!  The New Moon and Mercury retrograde kick off the month in your 1st house of self. The spotlight is on you, oh mysterious one. When Mercury goes retrograde, communications, misunderstandings, travel delays and technological breakdowns occur. The essence of Mercury retrograde is to revise, reflect and rethink.  The universe is asking you, dear Scorpio, "How do you want to present yourself to the world?"  Time for a reinvention? Being the most enigmatic sign of the zodiac, who really knows you? Do you even know yourself?  Please take the time to nurture yourself while you're contemplating your place in the world. Venus hooks up with the planet of luck, Jupiter, in your 2nd house of cash! You can't get a luckier duo, so buy that lotto ticket, hit the casino and think of creative ways to increase your income. Passive income is the way to go; think of making money while you sleep.  Develop a new app, hire an intern to work nights, or start an online shop. Figure it out, Scorpio, and do so quickly as it is a rare celestial event to have this kind of luck on your side. On November 12th, the once-a-year Full Moon in Taurus lands in your house of partnerships, both personal and business. Shakes-ups, confrontations, breakups and make-ups can be expected. Scorpio, you don't do "superficial," it's just not in your astrological DNA. Trust can be an issue for you. Once you build trust with your partners, you have unparalleled empathy, depth and commitment. If they aren't worthy of you, drop 'em.  On November 20th, your avatar Mars slips into Scorpio's 1st house. By then, with Mars fueling you full of energy and enthusiasm, you'll have figured out who you want to be for the next 12 months. When you set your mind to something, nothing stops you, so get fired up!  The mysterious and powerful Ana Wintour, a fellow Scorpio, once said, “If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.”  Scorp, I have no doubt you’ll be the best dressed this month.   

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, luck is on your side! November kicks off with pesky Mercury retrograde hiding out in your 12th house of solitude. Back up your electronics, expect miscommunication and travel delays. The plus side: you now have an excuse for not responding to people’s texts, DMs or emails. Just blame it on the retrograde!  Sag, do spend time alone, meditate, journal, or visit a shaman. It is essential to your well-being. The big news happens on November 2nd, when Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign shining a strobe light on you!  She cozies up to Jupiter, who has been in your sign for the past 11 months, bestowing an abundance of enthusiasm and faith upon and within you. Sag, this rare alignment is one of the most fortunate, fabulous, inspiring, fun-loving energies. You are irresistible now; everyone wants to be you! Sprinkle that optimism, inspiring, and encouraging energy to all; we need it, Sag. You thrive on risk-taking, travel and adventure.  Be aware: Venus aligned with Jupiter is excessive, hedonistic and indulgent. Reign it in or you can end up in rehab, broke or fat. November 12th is the Full Moon landing your 6th house of self-care, which could save you from yourself.  If you're going to overindulge, buy a Peloton bike or hire a trainer a few times a week.   Have the best month, Sag, I want to be you this month.  Bruce Lee, the most influential martial artist of all time and a fellow Sagittarius once said, "The more we value things, the less we value ourselves." Value yourself, Sag. Things can come later!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Cap, take a well-deserved break! November kicks off with the New Moon and Mercury retrograde in your 11th house of friends, dreams and like-minded tribe. The gift of Mercury retrograde quiets the mind so you can see situations more clearly. Ask yourself, "What are your dreams and aspirations?" You're the ultimate OCD planner Cap; only this time, plan big and don't think solely of work. As for your tribe, are you hanging out with inspiring people? Cap’s essence is loyal, hardworking, honest and devoted. You are the rock for many people, which can become burdensome, especially when it is not reciprocated. You've got the opportunity to reassess friends, and a few may get voted off your island. On November 2nd, Venus, the planet of love, enters your 12th house of solitude. Cap, you're the loner of the zodiac and I say that as the ultimate compliment. Solitude is where you find your strength and success. It feeds your soul and nourishes your spirit. Jupiter, a celestial angel, has had his wings on your back for the past 11 months. Now Venus joins him, offering you the rare opportunity to go inward. The 12th house is the focal point for retreat, the subconscious, dreams and intuition. Go on a silent retreat, meet a guru, or dance naked alone at home with Sanskrit music blasting. Trust me, Cap, you need this—you'll gain greater mental clarity and peace. Next month, you're off and running, so do cherish this solo time. On November 20th, Mars, the warrior planet, moves into Scorpio and your 11th house of friends. By then you'll have sorted out who stays and who goes. Network, make new connections, join a political campaign, because everyone needs a Capricorn by their side.  The coolest Capricorn of all time, David Bowie, said, “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” You hear it loud and clear, Cap, so own it! 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

If you're not an extrovert, you'll be one this month, Aquarius! November begins with Mercury wreaking havoc in your 10th house of career.  Please don't freak. Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to complete unfinished projects, check off to do lists and revisit ideas you've shelved.  Think of this month as a do-over!  Now apply this energy to your professional life and watch it soar.  Mercury is a messenger, so listen up. How are your communication skills?  Are you being an active listener?  Aquarius, when you think you're right, there is no swaying you. When you get stuck in that mindset, you can be aloof, detached and weird. Heed my advice: lighten up and be open to what others have to say, or at least pretend that you're interested. On November 2nd, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, highlights the area of your chart dealing with networks, community and dreams. Get out there and mingle!  Make plans, set goals and be around people. Aquarius, you love to roll with a posse—the more, the merrier. This aspect of your life only gets better when Venus hooks up with Jupiter, a rare celestial event, expanding your social circle even wider. It is a lovefest. The yearly Full Moon activates your home and family on November 12th. You must strike balance here, letting home life take priority above all else, or you could all end up in unplanned therapy.  Save up just in case.  Uber Aquarian Oprah Winfrey once said, "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." Prepare for lift-off, Aquarius!  

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Getting lost never felt so good, Pisces!  November starts with Mercury going underground for three weeks, in your 9th house of travel, spirituality and adventure. The essence of this Mercury retrograde is an invitation to reexamine your beliefs and overall philosophy on life.  Instead of racing off to the Amazon for a mind-altering Ayahuasca ceremony, I urge you to stay local in your spiritual quest.  Go to the bookstore and peruse the philosophy section. Sign up for the Gaia channel, read up on Freud and Jungian psychology, or get enlightened watching documentaries. As silly as it seems, your wanderlust can easily be satisfied at home.  You also must focus on career, and, hello, you can't do that without a Wi-Fi connection in the jungle!  On November 2nd, Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters your 10th house of career. She joins up with Jupiter, planet of luck. It's like you are encircled by perfect, four-leaf clovers. Jupiter has been in your career sector for the past 11 months, vibrating so much positive energy into your professional life. Work opportunities now abound. November is the last month to take advantage of Jupiter's light conjoined with Venus' bounty.  This is one of the most fortunate alignments; hold on to your vision and dreams when it comes to career.  Pisces, after all, are known as the most successful zodiac sign.  Do your fellow Pisceans proud and make me prouder. Get out there and work it!  Also be aware that Mercury retrograde could mess with communications, so please triple check texts and emails and replay messages before hitting send. You may also want to hold off on signing business contracts until Mercury goes direct again on November 21st. The genius Pisces, Albert Einstein, once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."  Imagine the places you can go, Pisces!  


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