From DJ to PhD: Rislyn Does It All

DJ Rislyn knows how to turn the party up.
Meet DJ Rislyn. She calls spinning at clubs her "first priority always," but still finds time to work on her PhD in biological science. From May 25 'til July 25, Rislyn's doing her thing at The Standard, Maldives. Catch her daily in Todis Bar where her crowd work has gained a cult following. We caught up with her on a glorious day in Huruvahli to talk musical inspo, remixes and how she balances it all. 

Describe your musical style in three words.

Organic, unique & blissful 

You don’t just DJ: You give DJ lessons. What’s the first rule of great DJ’ing?

First is training your ears to have a good listening skill. To be able to count the beats.

What’s your all-time favorite remix?

Honestly my taste in music evolves along with time and trend, so I don’t really have an all-time favourite as such, but currently my favourite remix is an original organic mix of ‘Phara oh’ which creates such an amazing vibe whenever I play it in place like Maldives.

What can guests expect from this residency at The Standard—any special tricks up your sleeve?

I believe all the guests at The Standard will definitely experience a very unique yet soothing and blissful musical journey all through their stay here, as I’ve created a special playlist that synchronizes with the beauty of Maldives and gives you a vibe of being in an incredible island. 

You’re working on a PhD in biological science. Where would you rather be, the lab or the DJ booth?

No doubt, DJ booth is my first priority always. 

You can have a 'lil private island dinner party with three musicians, living or dead. Who’s invited?

1. Peggy Gou
2. Rihanna
3. Lisa

We had to ask…pool or beach?

Beach first. 😊


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