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Davey Havok, Just Your Modern Day Renaissance Man

Davey Havok is probably best known as the lead singer of the bands AFI and Blaqk Audio. Fans might know that in 2011 he starred on Broadway, playing the role of St. Jimmy in Green Day's American Idiot and that he's also a clothing and jewelry designer. Well, Davey can now add one more notch to the proverbial bedpost: he's soon to be a published author.

Set to be published on April 2nd, Davey's first book, Pop Kids, tells the fictional story of Score Massi, a small town high-school kid who's obsessed with pop culture and big city fame. We sat Davey down to discuss his new book, his influences, and his relationship with pop culture.

STANDARD: Singer, Broadway actor, clothing designer, and now published author. You’re a modern day Renaissance man. Were you always interested in these different genre’s or was it a creative evolution?

Davey: I've been terribly interested in it all since I was very young. I feel as though I've been singing as long as I've been able to speak. The first time I took the stage was at the age of ten in the musical Oliver Twist (in an off-broadway city known as Sacramento.) I love acting both on stage and for screen. I love creating and performing music. Fashion is a passion of mine, as is writing. I'm very excited to see Pop Kids materialized.

How autobiographical is your novel?

Some of what a goes on in Pop Kids is based on my own experiences, a lot of it is based on the experiences of friends of mine who are of a generation younger than my own. To say that the story is any more than a touch autobiographical however, would be a stretch.

What authors do you love to read and what books inspired you during your writing?

I love many authors: McCarthy, Baudelaire, Bukowski, Hitchens, Gaiman and Dr. Seuss... to name a few. The works of Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Pahlahniuk, Nick Cave and Joe McGinniss most inspired me to write my own novel. Joe himself gave me some kind words of encouragement as I was creating Pop Kids. It meant a lot.

Your novel deals with the influence of pop culture and media on today’s kids, what’s your personal relationship with pop culture, the internet and social media? Do you ever sneak a peek at a reality show now and then?

As I was writing this novel I became far more aware of modern Pop Culture and versed in its horrors. I feel that reality television has had a profoundly negative impact on multiple generations.

What’s the best adventure you’ve ever had in your career as an artist?

My time spent in NYC, performing on Broadway as St. Jimmy in American Idiot is unrivaled. It was dreamlike.

What song by any artist do you wish you’d written?

The first that springs to mind is Morrissey's, "Jack The Ripper"

You've been a long-time friend of The Standard, Hollywood, what’s your favorite memory at the hotel?

I have so many fun stories from The Standard and though they're each unique, none of the best are fit for public recount.

Join Davey Havok in person on Thursday, April 4th at 8pm at The Standard, Hollywood for a book signing and readings from his new book, Pop Kids.

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