Our Chaotic Review of Barbie

We come to this place for chaos.
Barbiemania has taken the world (and Team Standard) by storm. From NYC to Ibiza, we put on our best pink heels and clicked them to the nearest cinema for Greta Gerwig's now-billion-dollar blockbuster. It's been the talk of the team—in break rooms, around water coolers and happy hours. We just can't get Ken-ough. 

Below is a collection of takes, opinions and dispatches from Barbieland. From spilled queso to close readings of the script, it's a ride. 
Barbie healed me. My inner child was officially introduced to the grown-up me. If you need me, I'll be (mentally) at a giant blowout party with all the Barbies and planned choreography, and a bespoke song. Scatter my ashes in Barbieland!

Paige, Operations

The Standard HQ


From Dreamhouse drama to empowerment extravaganzaBarbie had me hooked with its unexpected depth! Despite the powerful message, I may or may not have been caught snoozing in Barbie's dreamy world (whoops)… I did have a queso dip disaster on my shirt mid-movie. Barbie left a lasting impression on my dreams and my laundry.

Brandon, Quality + Training  

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Like Ken, I wish my job was beach.

Elizabeth, Marketing

The Standard HQ

The thought of sitting in a theater for two-plus hours watching Barbie come to life is as appealing to me as much as swilling Pepto Bismol.

Crispy, Guest Experience 

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach


I’ve been too busy to get to the cinema to see Barbie just yet but what I can say is that it’s a marketer’s wet dream. Total. Hysteria.

Tara, Marketing

The Standard, London + The Standard, Ibiza

For the discerning male viewer, it will certainly deter mansplaining of The Godfather—and for that, this film has done a public service

Michael C., Food + Beverage

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The only tickets I could find were last row-end seats in a Times Square cinema…and it was so worth it. 

Sam, Marketing

The Standard HQ

I did not see the film. I have absolutely no interest in Barbie.

Brian, Spa

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach 

Well, I liked the movie a lot! It is a good movie for all ages as it has a message that is very important and very deep. For me it has been quite a discovery since I thought it could become a superficial Barbie film and it has ended up being a deep film about today's society and the problems that we continue to face every day. It was a film that was short for me and I was not bored at any time.

Antonio, Operations

The Standard, Ibiza

Margot Robbie did a stellar job and is the epitome of Barbie. Visually the performance was amazing but I expected the plot to be a bit different.

Paul, Operations

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

What a delight to have a cultural moment for this movie. It felt so good to get excited together as a society about something again (…except for a few exceptions). I thought it was beautiful! Production design: 10/10, no notes. One thing that bothered me: This is a corporate, IP movie. Mattel's name was center-stage—Mattel is making a ton of money off of this. And yet…we all agreed Mattel is the "bad guy" in the film. It felt a little icky. Yes, it's "self-aware," yes, it follows a well-traveled trope of corporate greed and self-absorption. But something felt opportunistic and manipulative about it.

Samuel, Design

The Standard HQ

I was dying to go, but I didn't get my pink outfit back on time from the dry cleaner!!!

Stephane, Culture + Entertainment

The Standard HQ


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