Stan D'Arde

Beyoncé's Late-Night Video Shoot at The Standard, High Line

A few weeks back after a long night at The Top of The Standard, I was heading down to my room to see what was left in my mini-bar and maybe try to get some sleep. When I turned the corner from the elevator bank, I came face to face with Beyoncé and a camera crew...

ME: "Hey, B!"

B: "Hey, Boo!"

ME: "What are you doing?"

B: "Shooting a music video."

ME: "You never told me."

B: "I know!"

ME: "Carry on, B. Carry on."

The whole thing seemed very mysterious, but I trusted her.

As most of you know, last night Beyoncé dropped her fifth eponymously titled studio album by surprise on the world. She told nobody, and nobody could have known what was to come. It's a "visual" album comprised of 14 songs and 17 videos. The one shot at The Standard, High Line is called "Rocket," and it's damn sexy. Beyoncé looks pretty good, too.

You have to buy the album on iTunes to see it though. So get to it.


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