Stan D'Arde

Beyoncé & Terry Richardson Go BOOM!

A few weeks ago when I got the call that Beyoncé wanted to shoot her Harper's Bazaar cover story with Terry Richardson at The Standard, New York, I was a bit hesitant. I mean, had I said NO, I would have gotten one of those I Run The World beatdowns, and had I said yes, well, actually I DID say yes, and this is what happened...

CRAZY CHICNESS WENT BOOM UP IN BOOM! Only Beyoncé and Terry could have pulled this one off, and they did it with true Stan D'eliriousness. On a white backdrop on the dancefloor, flip that hair. In the window, pop that hip. On the rooftop in the rain, grab an umbrella...keep going. I was a little annoyed that she took my fur coat for the last shot without asking, but you know I'm a sport for fashion.

For the full article by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz and to see all of Terry's photos from the spread, click here.


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