Aliens in L.A.

As it's long been suspected, Los Angeles is populated by aliens. Artist Treiops Treyfid and photographer Christopher Nelson have documented this phenomena in their new book, [Aliens in LA](, recently published by Ink Pen Mutations. The book captures thirteen alien creations all shot guerilla style on the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Each alien costume was hand crafted using exotic and recycled materials, many incorporating light sources. A compelling story accompanies each alien told in mostly narrative, often poetic, always mysterious. [Aliens in LA]( is a photographic coffee table book about science fiction and cosplay, but at it's core, it's a book about Los Angeles.

Next Tuesday, Artillery and The Standard, Hollywood present a book signing and reading with authors Treiops Treyfid and Christopher Nelson. And, don't alert the authorities, but there are rumors that a few aliens will also make an appearance...

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