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A Seasonal Table with Elliot's

Samantha Lim and Brett Redman, the culinary couple behind Elliot's, the restaurant, bar and natural wine shop with locations in Hackney and Borough Market, hosted February's rendition of The Standard, London's monthly invite-only supper club Dinner with Friends on Isla Terrace. 

Elliot's sources produce from the best fruit & vegetable growers, fishermen & farmers in the UK & Europe and cook many of their dishes on their wood-fired grill and oven.

Samantha sat down with us to give some insight into the London restaurant scene, seasonal cooking and wine for Spring. 
What ingredients are you most excited to work with this Spring?
Winter seems to go on forever so I'm eagerly awaiting all the fun garden greens like peas, asparagus, broad beans... really fresh peas are truly sensational.

What wine will you be drinking this Spring? & why?
Spring is officially rosé season, so my go-to is Italian rosato. They tend to be a bit richer than a blush rosé, with a heavier colour from being fermented with the skins for longer which gives the wine more intensity and depth. I'll be on the look out for rosatos from Nino Barraco and Lamoresca.
Describe Elliot’s cuisine in 3 words. 
Quality relaxed vibes

What does seasonal produce mean to you?
Eating with the rhythms of nature and in line with the current season of where you are. And trying to avoid produce that has to be shipped from the other side of the world!
What do you think of Britain’s traditionally bad food reputation?
To be honest, when I moved here from Australia over 10 years ago it was shocking. I was incredibly lucky to grow up with amazing fresh produce and a diverse range of influences, so I found the food highly unenjoyable. Since then it's been really interesting to see how the UK's relationship with produce has evolved and how the food scene in London has developed and shaken off that bad reputation.  

What's your favourite 'classic' British dish?
For me, it's the St John welsh rarebit, a truly iconic snack.
Aside from Elliot’s & The Standard London, what are your favourite London spots for...
  • A big fun group dinner party? Anywhere with a big round table and preferably a lazy susan packed with plates like Mandarin Kitchen or Phoenix Palace.
  • An intimate dinner with your sweetheart? It's a different approach to an intimate dinner, but I love sitting on the counter at Cadet for a date as ticks all the boxes (good food, wine list, service), but it's also a chilled atmosphere where you can have a fun time.
  • An impressive meal with your parents? You can't beat a late summer lunch outside at Rochelle Canteen. It feels like you are on holiday / not in London.
  • Just dessert and decadent drinks? I'm one of those people who prefer a liquid dessert, so somewhere for a really good martini... or an espresso martini - in which case head to Rita's!
Check out Elliot's ever-changing menus and immaculate wine lists in Borough Market and Hackney


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