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Temporary Tattoos, Amazon Prime, and Steampunk with Paige Elkington

The Tennessee-born model/comedian brings a fresh take on millennial “slash-y” culture to the LA scene.
Paige Elkington is not your typical model…unless your typical model also creates darkly absurd comedy videos, slays on social media, and runs an online store selling a hilarious line of temporary tattoos. Yes, Elkington is a true millennial slasher killing it on multiple fronts, but it’s her biting social commentary, style savvy, and outspoken political commitment that sets her apart, making her something of a new breed on the LA scene. We caught up her over cocktails at The Standard, Downtown LA where she talked about the weirdness of social media, LA’s truly dirty secret, and her deep, abiding love of steampunk. 
THE STANDARD: Who are you?
My name is Paige Elkington. I’m from Tennessee.

What was it like growing up in Tennessee?
It was good as a child but as I got older I was dying to get out. I went to the College of Charleston in South Carolina and my first job there was for a music management company. It was the only cool job in Charleston.
What brought you to LA?
I initially came out here with the intention to work for the LA branch of a music management company, but that didn’t last too long. I started getting booked on commercials and music videos and was making more money than my salary. So I quit and started working as a model and actor.
What do you like about acting?
Acting is incredibly therapeutic for me. I think everyone can benefit from taking an acting class. It teaches you a lot about yourself- your behaviors and patterns. However, I’m interested in having a career where I have more control than a traditional actor. I want to have a hand in the story development and hopefully be able to write a lot of the content I act in. 

What are you acting in now?
I actually have a show that came out on November 1st called Relationship Status. I play a bi-curious millennial. It was really fun. It’s a Verizon show on Go90.
What are you writing now?
I just wrote a surreal, funny little short called The Metal Detector with my comedy partner Max Baumgarten. We had never made something on our own so it was a bit of an experiment for us and I learned a lot in the process. I’m also working on a web series. It’s my own version of Broad City or Girls. It focuses on millennial “slasher” culture and millennial cynicism, self-self-documentation, but in a way that hopefully isn’t brutal. 
Which parts of your social media presence are “real”?
My sense of humor! My Instagram very much reflects who I am.
Describe your style.
I feel like I’m a little schizophrenic with my style. I don’t like sticking to one thing. I’m kind of inspired by all of it. 
What are you designing?
Nothing right now but I designed a handbag line last year.  I also design very esoteric temporary tattoos. You can buy them on my website. 
What’s something really weird that you love?
 I love people with dimples. 
What’s something you care deeply about?
Jail reform in Los Angeles and the environment! I work with this organization called Dignity and Power Now, which serves incarcerated people. Most Angelenos don’t know that LA County has the largest prison system in the world and the harshest bail system in the nation. We incarcerate people for mental illness, homelessness, survival crimes, poverty. It’s inhumane. This is in our backyard.
What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?
A lot of people are shocked that I’m from Tennessee for whatever reason. 
Zodiac sign?
Capricorn, but I don’t identify with it at all.
Alcohol of choice?
Drug of choice?
Staying awake on Ambien. Or micro doses of mushrooms.  


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