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May Mindfulness: All About the EMS Workshop

Fresh off another Mercury Retrograde, our Miami April showers bring us May flowers (and Mental Health Awareness Month).

Between the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves; we’re guilty of it, too. This month raises awareness about mental health issues, reduces stigma, and encourages conversations around seeking help and support. From mindfulness meditation to physical exercise, incorporating wellness practices into our daily routines can have profound effects on our mental and emotional state for a more fulfilling and balanced life. As our tropical oasis was designed around offering a haven for exactly that, our Spa workshops are here to help.

We connected with EMS specialist and in-house instructor, Jada, to dive deeper into her monthly workshop, Heal. Restore. Grow, where participants explore the practice behind EMS and how it connects both our bodies and minds to move effectively and efficiently.

What is EMS? Electro muscular stimulation is the use of electrical frequencies to stimulate the muscles - similar to how our minds connect to the muscles through our neurological system. 

EMS has over 40 years of medical history in the U.S. Heal EMS is a wearable technology that allows for enhanced movement. It is used for rehabilitation from injury, surgery, and even postpartum pelvic floor repair - or just to increase the intensity of your everyday walk! It is incredible the wide range of this technology. 

We use frequency-based regenerative technologies to enhance our movement and target the cells. I found my way to HEAL EMS - electro muscular stimulation about 7 years ago. Lower back pain and health issues encouraged me to find alternative forms of therapy, looking at health on more of a cellular level. This led me to find EMS and start my regenerative health journey. Everything is energy, energy has a frequency we just have to tune into it. 

The goal is we HEAL from the inside out by connecting to our bodies through mindful movement enhanced with wearable technology.  Restore with lymphatic drainage and sound meditation. Grow through bringing awareness and mindfulness to ourselves by connecting with your inner frequency.

The workshop allows a safe space to explore EMS and learn about other frequency-based therapies. Understanding these tools allows us to implement them into our daily lives. Breathwork + slow mobility-focused movement helps us to move less but do more work. By stimulating 95% muscle fiber we are creating all the circulation and natural body chemistry needed to heal, restore, and grow our bodies and minds effectively and efficiently. 

The workshop is a great 90-minute reset to mind, body, and soul.

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