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Annie O Presents: Mai Lan

Mai-Lan Aquarella Morgane Chapiron, or Mai Lan for short, has turned heads and turned on headphones since she released her first solo album in 2012. Born in Paris into a family of artists, the French-Vietnamese artist's alternative, indie sound was destined to be heard. Naturally, Annie O, The Standard's very own sounds connoisseur, thought her a perfect fit for a Penthouse show at The Standard, East Village.

Where are you based these days?

Here in NYC, I'm staying at my friend's JR in Manhattan.

Tell us about your collaboration with M83 and how it came about.

I met Anthony in LA at a party, we got along pretty well and he asked me to come back so we could try things in the studio. That went so great that we ended up writing four tracks for M83's new album Junk: Go!, Laser Gun, Bibi the Dog and Atlantique Sud.

He's one of the people I love working the most with, we're super connected, that's such a great feeling. I went on tour with the band for a whole year, we've played everywhere on earth, and on the greatest festival stages like Coachella, Glastonbury, Governor's Ball, and many more.

Do you write in French and English?

Both. I write in English for the bouncing vibe of the language that you can't find in French. I write in French when I get deep and very personal.

Is this your first solo album?

No, I released my first album In 2012 called Mai Lan. I was a little more folky with the presence of many acoustic instruments, but you could already feel where I was heading.

Why did you choose the word ‘Vampire’ for one of your songs?

To be totally honest, cause it sounded good! When I found the melody, Vampire kept coming back all the time, so it actually inspired the theme of the song.

Any touring in the USA in the future?

We're playing in Washington DC on September 29th at the W Hotel and in LA on October 4th at Hotel Café.

What artists are you currently listening to?

These days I'm in love with Sufjan Stevens, I think I need some calm! I'm also totally into this track Baiana from Barbatuques, it's the strongest track in the world. Jose Parla played it at a party we had this week, I went completely crazy.

What can we expect from your show at The Standard, East Village as part of the Annie O Music series?

I can't wait to be playing there! Everyone tells me the place is awesome, I think we'll have a pretty cool vibe cause many friends are coming and we all want to party.


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