The Standard Biergarten

St. Patrick's Day at The Biergarten

St. Patrick's Day at The Biergarten

Raise a pint with us this St. Patrick's Day and celebrate the Irish way. We're offering free Shamrock Green Jell-O shots to get you in the mood, plus your favorite staples and classics, some with a fun green twist. Check out our offerings below and make sure to pop in.


St. Patrick's Day Offerings

Shamrock Green Jell-O Shots - Free!

Green Draft Beer (Standard Brauhaus) - $12/$18

Irish Coffee (Iced or Hot) - $11
Topped with green whipped cream, shamrock mint drizzle,
peppermint sprinkle and your choice of Roe & Co. and/or Bailey's Irish Cream

Guinness Can BoilerMaker - $14
Your choice of Irish Whiskey, Bailey's, or Both

Green Tea Ski Shots - $30

Prime Rib Sandwich - $18
Lemon Aioili, Tomato, Arugula