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Originally named Bull Island, Belle Isle is the only natural island that makes up the Venetian Islands, home of our tropical oasis. Belle Isle itself has a storied history of spa and wellness culture for over 100 years. In the early 1900s, Belle Isle became known as a place of restoration, heliotherapy, and hydrotherapy with the founding of The Belle Isle Sun-Ray and Health Spa, which was founded by Dr. Joseph Adams. Adams was a scientific pioneer, specializing in research surrounding the “curative value of light,” specifically sunlight, as well as the benefits of Miami’s semi-tropical area, called the “Miami Zone” by Adams. One of Adam’s brochures for The Belle Isle Sun-Ray and Health Spa touts the “Miami Zone” as the best location in the world for “sun and water therapy [...] the oldest healing agents known to man.” The rich history of Belle Isle on which The Standard Spa, Miami Beach resides has influenced the culture of the property itself to this day.  


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