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H2-Om: Plasticity and Fascia

H2-Om: Plasticity and Fascia

Friday March 15, 6:30 - 8:30P with Ruslan Kleytman

Fascia - in Latin “bandage”, “band” - connective tissue sheath covering organs, vessels, nerves and forming casing for our muscles; protects and nurturing them. Like membranes in mandarin lobules, it simultaneously connects and separates parts in our body. Fascia contains nerves, so these tissues also help in the awareness of the body. They cover the tendons, ligaments and more than 30 percent of our muscles. The flexibility of the body depends largely on the state of our fascias. Stress, poor posture, muscle tension, trauma and dehydration, a sedentary lifestyle - lead to adhesions in the fascia and joining the muscles together, as a result of which they lose their plasticity and the ability to perform their individual functions effectively.

Plasticity refers to fascia changing its length and retaining its shape. When the fascia is stretched, the fiber bundles change and form new bonds, contributing to improved mobility by reducing tissue tension.

This master class employs choreography of poses that will beneficially affect all five fascial lines, holding poses for 9 breaths to allow enough time to stretch into the fascia. Such an algorithm of actions will start the process of regeneration and restoration of fasciae, reducing tension and rigidity in the body and increasing the range of motion.

$40 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass