The Library Lounge

Sunday Vibrations with New Regency Orchestra (Live)

Sunday Vibrations with New Regency Orchestra (Live)

Continuing our collaboration with one of London’s finest jazz collectives Total Refreshment Centre, we are pleased to present The New Regency Orchestra.

Ahead of their appearances at We Out Here Festival and Cross The Tracks, the band take a break from their rehearsals for an evening of Afro-Cuban goodness in the Library Lounge.

The New Regency Orchestra (NRO) are an Afro Cuban Jazz ensemble, playing some of the finest selections the genre has to offer. Like the godfather of this music once explained it, Afro Cuban Jazz is like a Meringue-Lemon pie :‘You got the Jazz at the top (read 12 horns) and the Cuba at the bottom (read 8 rhythm section driving it). The tune selection ranges from 50s Afro-Cuban Jazz all the way into late 70s Guaguanco/Salsa .

The rhythm section of the Orchestra is doing their first outing - an 8 piece band with some of the hottest players in London:

- Crispin Spry Robinson -  Congas
- Flavio Correa - Bongos/ Nells
- Ruben Ramos - Bass
- Eliane Correa - Keys
- Eikel Venegas - Trumpet / Vox
- Ernesto Marichales - Timbales
- Landy Diaz - Trombone

The show will be set as a Descarga where rhythms and motifs will set the stage for soloists to take it away. It’s a jam with sabor and spices!

Total Refreshment Centre is one of the key community spaces to London’s flourishing jazz scene. Once a venue, and now a recording studio and record label, the foundations laid by TRC and its founder Alexis Blondin have enabled a generation of jazz talent who will continue to make music for years to come. 

Lex Blondin (DJ): 7pm
The New Regency Orchestra (SET 1): 8.30pm
Nick Hadfield (DJ) 9.15pm
The New Regency Orchestra (SET 1): 9.45pm
Lex Blondin (DJ): 10.30pm

In The Library Lounge
The Standard, London
10 Argyle Street