Your Standard Tarot Reading for Winter 2012

The winter is looking bright and sunny and balanced, emotionally speaking. February brings a Valentine that could be a person ... or a thing. Does this mean I have to buy my laptop an expensive dinner? Boo.


The World card is about completion and competency. There is a feeling that one has touched all points of the circle. There will be a well earned praise, celebration, and success. The World card indicates travel. This can be a wonderful time of wholeness, satisfaction, and independence.


You find yourself smiling brighter than you have in a long time. After being tested everything now feels more illuminated, your soul light and bright as a sun beam. It’s a card of youthfulness and intellect. Others will find you warm and radiant. The Sun promises glory, a triumph, simple pleasures and truths, everything will be alright.


The Lovers is about being in love with something or someone and having a choice. It’s about messages and making contact. You will instinctively know and recognize what makes you harmonically balanced and feeling complete.

TAROT @ The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

TAROT QUESTION + ANSWER- Answers to specific Questions $30

TAROT ½ DECK- A general reading that will tell you your Past, Present and Future $40

TAROT FULL DECK- Is a reading to give you more details about your Future + advice on your Future Path $50


  • 2 – 6
  • Schedule with the Spa Desk

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