Graphic of the Day

The Best of 'Sleevefacing' is the lovechild of the bygone record sleeve and current day social media memes (i.e. #planking, #owling, #rooftopping). Then we remembered, people have been doing this at The Standards in LA for years. It's called #menufacing. Check it out after the scroll.

Madonna, True Blue

Tom Waits, Rain Dogs

Prince, When Doves Cry

David Bowie, Heros

Boney M, Nightflight to Venus

Paul McCartney, II McCartney
John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Double Fantasy in the background

Andrew W. K., I Get Wet

Freddie Mercury, Mr. Bad Guy

Luis Eduardo Aute, Albanta

Can't really sleeve face this one, but had to mention we just made a record with Warby Parker, a compilation of amazing young talent curated by the legendary music supervisor Randall Poster. You can buy it here.

And finally the ancestor

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