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Desert Nights with The Walcotts, Two Bulls, and Antoine Debarge

Gather ‘round little cowpokes, it’s time for another toe-tapping installment of The Standard, Hollywood’s Desert Nights! This Wednesday’s line-up is aimed to please, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The Walcotts: Featuring shared lead vocals/songwriting by Emily Alfstad & Tom Cusimano with violinist Devin Shea & drummer Jimmy Olson at its core, The Walcotts feature a range of instrumentation from violin, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, trombone, as well as more traditional instruments like piano, organ, guitars, bass & drums. The Walcotts are only a few months old and have had their music featured a few times on the CW TV series "Hart of Dixie" and had their first gig early this fall was opening for 70's folk-rockers America ("Horse With No Name", "Sister Golden Hair"). Their brand new self-released 4 song EP entitled "Vol. 1" is available online and "Vol. 2" is currently in the works.

"It’s the essence of true L.A. Americana music where country, blues, folk, gospel, jazz and country come together with an unforced, spontaneous and uncontrived feel. It’s an effective cross pollination of R&B, Soul and Country that calls to mind the Stage Fright sessions of The Band. After all, their name comes from the classic Band song from the same album, “W.S. Walcott Medicine Show"." -Turnstyled Junkpiled

Two Bulls: Two Bulls is a two-piece indie/folk duo featuring Samantha Boudrot's vocals and ukulele and Jessamyn Cuneo's homemade bucket drum kit percussion. They recently self-released their first album, entitled "In Your China Shop", listen to it here!

Antoine Debarge: Antoine Debarge is a French singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. His music is a blend of French 60’s organic indie rock with influences coming from growing up on a house boat on the river in the center of Paris to traveling exotic places and living in Los Angeles, where he is currently finishing his first full length album TROPICAL NIRVANA.

What is Desert Nights?

Desert Nights is a weekly gathering at The Standard, Hollywood, hosted by KCRW’s DJ Valida. Every Wednesday, Valida curates three acoustic musical acts to perform a set in the Cactus Lounge. The vibe is warm and intimate, evoking an impromptu jam in a musician’s living room. The music begins at 7:30pm, it’s always free and always a good time. Guaranteed.

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