Ballets Russes

"Rooftopping" is a relatively new viral fad – a descendent of "planking" and "owling" – in which people scale skyscrapers and take vertiginous selfies. The more illegal the access, the better. Dangerous? Why yes, a 23-year-old in Chicago recently met a grim death falling down the chimney of a 42-story tower. Leave it to those former Soviets to show us how it's properly done. Muscovite Kirill Oreshkin defies all logic and laws of physics posing at the top of various spires and bridges. Over in the Ukraine, a young man named "Mustang Wanted" shows more style with his compositions than with his name. And then there's Vadim Makharov and Ritaliy Raskalov who snuck up the Shanghai Tower (the world's second tallest building) and took some staggeringly beautiful shots.

It's all equally terrifying.

Couldn't help but notice Mr. Oreshkin is quite photogenic.

"Mustang Wanted"

Welcome to Shang-High!

If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you? The answer in Russian is, "Duhhhh!!!"

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