Hua Hin

Your Own Pride

Your Own Pride

The Beachfront Lawn
June 1 - 30 

'Your Own Pride' is an art installation by Thai fashion maven and calligrapher Jirawat Sriluansoi. The specially commissioned art pieces celebrate diversity through the use of words that were once deemed negative but have since been embraced by the queer community. 

The primary message through "Your Own Pride" is the importance of freedom and respect in matters of gender identity and expression. We want viewers to realize that everyone deserves the liberty to embrace their true selves, without being confined by societal expectations or stereotypes.

An indispensable incubator of fresh ideas and a fixture of the Thai cultural scene for nearly two decades, Jirawat moves seamlessly between fashion runways, commercial photography and fine art. He is a cultural maverick who creates images that illuminate his styling signature and offers visual oomph for fashion spreads. In his 'Thaipology' project, he sets out to explore and reimagine the art of Thai typography and calligraphy by providing modern interpretations of familiar words.

From June 1 – 30, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the transformative power of "Your Own Pride" against this breathtaking backdrop. Engage with each art piece, contemplate its message, and allow yourself to be inspired by the beauty of this coastal haven. Let the art and the surroundings ignite conversations and spark a deeper understanding of the complexities of gender identity.

Your Own Pride is a part of the Pride Month celebration at The Standard, Hua Hin! See the month-long activation here.

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