Miami Beach

Monthly Spa Specials

Monthly Spa Specials

Available Tuesdays – Thursdays, July through August

Back to the Beach Mani + Pedi
We all like that healthy glow, but it is important to remember to pamper your skin after a day at the beach. With this skin-nourishing manicure and pedicure, we treat your hands and feet with products rich in argan oil while sculpting the nails and perfecting the polish. Rich in oleic and linoleic acids to enrich the skin and anti-inflammatory properties to combat free radicals, argan oil is the perfect antidote for a little extra sun. After all, you need to get ready for the next excursion.
105 min. $120, regularly $150

Craniosacral Therapy
Sometimes less is more. By focusing on the central nervous system with gentle touch, this subtle work helps to support free movement within the system and restore balance to the flow between the brain and spinal cord. Any sort of restriction at this core level of the body can result in chronic pain, low energy and similar symptoms. The restoration of balance can bring a sense of calm relaxation and ease throughout the body.
60 min. $220, regularly $239

Recovery Massage
Whether it is an old injury that has you walking a little lopsided or you slept all wrong and cannot turn your head, this massage goes right to the point. The focus is on addressing the area not functioning at its best to help get you back to feeling yourself. Your therapist will use a variety of therapeutic techniques designed to restore more balanced movement and a feeling of ease in your body.
75 min. $250, regularly $277

In this simple but powerful Ayurvedic treatment your therapist will drizzle a stream of warm oil onto your third eye chakra while gently massaging your scalp to promote relaxation and wellbeing. This treatment is designed to calm the nervous system and support balance at the physical, mental and emotional levels. For this experience we use a tridoshic oil blend, balancing for all dosha types.
30 min. $175, regularly $225

Sun Kissed
Whether you were a little overly optimistic about your base tan or just fell asleep poolside, too much sun is just too much. This head-to-toe body treatment will ease you on your way to recovery. We pamper your skin with a combination of exotic dilo nut oil, soothing aloe and essential oils to soothe and calm. A perfect assist to cool, heal and repair over exposed skin.
45 min. $185, regularly $208

Thai Massage 90
This combination of Thai yoga stretches and firm compressions loosens and lengthens sore, tight muscles. This treatment is a great way to help restore balance to your active body and to combat chronic areas of tightness. Done on our plush tables, rather than on a traditional Thai mat. Wear loose, comfortable clothes for easy movement.
90 min. $252, regularly $315

Vitamin C Brightening Facial
Brighten lackluster complexions, even skin tone and smooth texture from the first cleanse to the final hydration with the potent power of Vitamin C. Treatment begins with a deep pore cleanse with Vitamin C foaming cleanser. A gentle exfoliating scrub is applied to remove dull, dead skin cells followed by complete rehydration and nourishment with a luxury face oil massage followed by an application of a Vitamin C masque. While the masque is left to work its magic, you will have a relaxing hand and arm massage. Masque is then removed, finishing products applied and you are left with resurfaced, smooth, radiant and rejuvenated skin.
60 min. $220, regularly $252

Love You More 
Slow down to enjoy the slower summer vibes and let us give you some extra midweek love. For services you receive on Tuesdays to Thursdays, a special discount of 20% has been applied to the below selection of our longer and more luxurious experiences. This includes 75-minute facials, 90-minute (or longer)  massages, and select nail services. Bask in the bliss longer. 



Couples Massage and Togetherness Massage: 90 min. $281.60 each, regularly $352

Detox Cleanse, Hot Stone Massage OR Hurts So Good: 90 min. $252, regularly $315

Standard Massage: 90 min. $241.60, regularly $302 or 120 min. $277.60, regularly $347

Thai Massage: 90 min. $252, regularly $315 or 120 min. $287.20 , regularly $359

Body Treatments

K.I.S.S.: 90 min. $267.20, regularly $334 or 120 min. $302.40, regularly $378

Soul Temple: 120 min. $328, regularly $410 or 150 min. $363.20, regularly $454

The Triathlete: 120 min. $287.20 , regularly $359

Triple Detox: 120 min. $337.60, regularly $422

Urban Warrior Ritual: 90 min. $302.40, regularly $378 or 120 min. $337.60, regularly $422


Collagen Facial: 75 min. $252, regularly $315 or 90 min. $277.60, regularly $347

Double Lift Facial: 75 min. $232, regularly $290 or 90 min. $252, regularly $315


Shellac Manicure + Pedicure: 135 min. $129.60, regularly $162

Worshipped Manicure + Pedicure: 105 min. $120, regularly $150


Pricing does not include gratuity, which will be added based on the original price.