The Big Eid

The Big Eid

Eid al-Adha, doesn't get bigger than this. Celebrate Eid in the Maldives and join us for a larger-than-life celebration for the whole family with games, dinners, yoga and all the fun in between.

Bring the whole fam and book the family package today to join us from June 15 to 18.

Highlights include:

June 15
Coconut Culture at Todis Beach
Learn the art of coconut oil making and discover the creativity behind coconut crafts.

Eid Beach Dinner at BBQ Shak
Gather under the stars for an unforgettable Eid Beach Dinner on the beach.
$110 per person including selected beverages

June 16
Eid Delights
Embrace tradition with Maldivian festivities including Boduberu drumming, colorful costumes and Eid cocktails.

EID Buffet at Kula
Embark on a culinary journey at our sumptuous Eid Buffet, where every dish is crafted to tantalize your taste buds.
As per meal plan

Shisha Lounge at Todis Beach
Sit back and relax at our Shisha Lounge with low seating, Arabic coffee and traditional teas.
$65 per person

Tanoura Dances
Dance the Egyptian Tanoura dance, a captivating spectacle that symbolizes the rotation of the earth around the sun, followed by a guest DJ.

June 17
Sunrise Yoga
Awaken your senses and greet the new day with sunrise yoga, a soulful practice that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit.

Arabian Nights at Kula Beach
Savor the flavors of the Middle East with a special themed menu, low seating and selected beverages to complement each dish.
$400 per couple

Rhythms & Melodies at Todis Beach
Experience the magic of belly dancing accompanied by live music from a talented solo musician.

June 18
Sunset Yoga on Baby Island
Flow and glow guided by the soothing sounds of nature on the serene shores of Baby Island.
$55 per person

Eid Trivia at Todis Bar
Extravaganza Friends and family come together to test their knowledge and celebrate the spirit of Eid.