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Solar Sessions

Solar Sessions

Settle into the Ibizan evening with nightly poolside DJ sets from international and local talent. 

6pm til 11pm
7-days a week
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June Line Up

Saturday, June 1UPSoundtrack by DJ Pippi
Sunday, June 2UPSoundtrack by Sadeedo
Monday, June 3UPSoundtrack By George Solar
Tuesday, June 4UPSoundtrack by Jazz N Palms
Wednesday, June 5UPSoundtrack by Chuggy
Thursday, June 6UPMark Broadbent & Friends - Soundtrack by Brother Mark & Phat Phill Cooper (Full Moon)
Friday, June 7UPSoundtrack by DJ Pippi
Saturday, June 8UPSoundtrack by Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy
Sunday, June 9UPSoundtrack by Andy Wilson
Monday, June 10UPSoundtrack by Camilo Miranda
Tuesday, June 11UPSoundtrack by Peedo & Keiji Takimi
Wednesday, June 12UPSoundtrack by Chris Coco
Thursday, June 13UPSoundtrack by Roberto Lodola
Friday, June 14UPSoundtrack by DJ Pippi
Saturday, June 15UPSoundtrack by DJ Bebe
Sunday, June 16UPSoundtrack by Mezcalearics
Monday, June 17UPSoundtrack by Mr Doris
Tuesday, June 18UPSoundtrack by Luca Averna
Wednesday, June 19UPSoundtrack by Russ Farelo
Thursday, June 20UPSueños De Ibiza Invites Lorenzo Morresi. DJ Support by S/A/M
Friday, June 21UPSoundtrack by DJ Pippi

Sunday, June 23UPSoundtrack by DJ Dribbler
Monday, June 24UPSoundtrack by Dirty Dave
Tuesday, June 25UPSoundtrack by George Solar (Album Release)
Wednesday, June 26UPSoundtrack by Piers Harrison
Thursday, June 27UPMark Broadbent & Friends
Friday, June 28UPSoundtrack by DJ Pippi