The Standard Spa’s Acupuncture treatment affords balance and bliss to those who partake. Our experts in Chinese medicine use five-phase acupuncture to address your entire being.


The Chinese medicine belief is that a person’s physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual symptoms are all inter-related; this integrated approach addresses a wide range of conditions, from anxiety, depression, physical pain, headaches, stress syndromes, to immune disorders.
90 min. Initial Consultation - $185
45 min. Follow up Session - $110
3 Follow up sessions - $330

Acupuncture Face

Ancient wisdom and modern techniques for looking and feeling your best. If you're thinking of getting a little work done on your face naturally, opt for a series of facial acupuncture treatments! Specifically tailored for each individual, the "acupuncture facelift" stimulates collagen and elastin production, softens, reduces lines and firms the skin. Utilizing acupuncture and gentle micro current, this treatment will enhance your beauty and bring you a youthful radiance. Part of our integrated Acupuncture program, with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine's three realms of heaven, human and earth and three levels addressing the body, mind and apsirit. True beauty emanates from within.
60 min. Initial consultation and session - $220
45 min. - $185
3 sessions - $525

Celestial & Acupuncture Alignment

The Ancient Chinese Alchemists knew that man is the mediator between heaven and earth - in our lives we deal with a constant interplay of transitions. Reading the celestial bodies and receiving an acupuncture alignment can help you achieve a broader understanding.
60 min. - $180
90 min. - $200

B-12 Boost

This acupuncture injection of vitamin B-12 increase energy, speeds metabolism, and improves mood and memory. Vegans and vegetarians are at risk for low levels, along with people over 50. If your energy level is low, or your night out was a late one, a shot of B-12 is the answer. The initial boost of energy will last about 24 to 48 hours, the ongoing effects are more subtle, but are definitely continuing internally - there's no huge surge, just a nice feeling of more energy and there's no crash.
- $25 per dose