MIAMI BEACH Spa Specials

      MIAMI BEACH Spa Specials

      The Standard

      About Spa Specials

      SOUL TEMPLE: A definitive bathhouse experience. Find refuge in steam, heat, scent and touch with this restorative four-step hamam ritual. Melt as your therapist washes down your every curve in the Scrub Room with a purifying mint salt wash and lemon-coffee-blossom-olive stone scrub. Then completely relax during a cardamom amber oil massage. Afterwards, back in the Hamam, you’ll detoxify with a clay polish, and then finish in a luscious neroli cypress bath soak.

      120 min. $275 (regularly $300) 
      150 min. $300 (regularly $350)


      IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND: Free up some space in your mind and cervical spine with an upper body treatment focused on stimulating energy and blood flow to the brain. Our therapists will work to release tension and restriction in the neck, scalp and jaw while you listen to holosync, a revolutionary audio track that induces brain wave patterns of deep meditation. The end result is increased concentration, tension reduction and an improved sense of wellbeing.
      45 min. $105 (regularly $125)

      ESSENTIAL HEALING: Looking for something else? Get paired with one of our holistic healers for a custom designed journey through your body and beyond with hands on energy healing tailored to you and what you need in the moment. Great for issues ranging from back pain, to feeling stressed out and exhausted, to reclaiming your creativity and passion for life. Essential Healing integrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so you can live life in peak condition.
      75 min. $185 (regularly $200)
      90 min. $200 (regularly $235)


      THE STANDARD EXFOLIATION: Unveil glowing skin head to toe with a lavish scrub in the Hamam. A luscious purifying and smoothing scrub massaging away dull and dry skin, performed on the marble stone, heavenly melting your muscles, body glowing and leaving you radiant inside out.
      45 min. $130 (regularly $155)


      AROMA GLOWING FACIAL: Let your inner magnetism glow with this unique aroma blend. Customized to repair and nourish your face and neck, this intensive and holistic facial reinforces and rebuilds at the cellular level. After analyzing your skin type and condition, we’ll cleanse and purify with our gentle extraction process, balance and tone with a blend of our botanical and bio-active skin care to renew, revitalize, and work below the surface, where it really counts.
      60 min. $155 (regularly $170)
      120 min. for Face + Body $285 (regularly $335)

      RENAISSANCE HAND & FOOT: These apothecary products originated in Florence, Italy, in the oldest pharmacy in western civilization. For more than 400 years, they have been world renowned for their fragrances and uncompromising quality of products. For just under two hours your hands and feet will be bathed in medicinal and luxurious salts, creams and balms, leaving them trimmed, massaged and deliciously fragrances. 
      105 min. $100 (regularly $125)

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