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      DETOX CLEANSE We all know the signs – extreme fatigue, dehydration and indigestion – now we know the cure. This dynamic therapeutic massage will increase circulation, expel toxins, restore balance and reduce muscle aches and pains. Complete with custom aromatherapy oils, body brushing and belly massage. 75 min. $175 (regularly $200) 

      THE STANDARD SCRUB Inspire your skin with a vigorous full body scrub-down, sure to leave you silky smooth and get your blood flowing. Begin in our Aroma Steam Room or full-length soaking tubs to soften skin and open pores. Follow with a stimulating gingergrass and bamboo exfoliation. Then finish with a luscious blood orange head-to-toe rock-your-body cleansing. (Not recommended for sunburned or sensitive skin.) 30 min. $100 (regularly $115)

      TRIPLE DETOX Banish those toxins from your body…until next time! Prepare yourself for this rejuvenating cure-all by spending some time in the Hamam for hot and cold therapy. Then we take over with a 60 minute Detox Cleanse massage partnered with our detox body treatment and followed with a detoxifying mineral soak. 120 min. $300 (regularly $330)

      BALANCING CRYSTAL FACIAL Vibrational beauty, using the natural properties of crystals and minerals; this facial will leave your skin luminous and glowing from the inside out. First, a gentle cleanse and tone, followed by a gemstone exfoliation and crystal mask, and intense hydration to repair. Then, a refreshing cool facial massage with crystal wands to close. 60 min. $170 (regularly $180)

      DETOX & SLIMMING Start this body ritual with toning the skin and oxygenating with free ions. Then pure oil complexes with slimming properties are massaged into the skin with “le gant” gloves for optimal circulatory and exfoliating results. Followed by an energizing cream concentrate to firm the skin and then activate on the warm marble bed of the hamam. Complete with a hydrotherapy session, sauna, stream and relaxation time.  60 min. $150 (regularly $180)

      FETISH PEDICURE You know who you are…you always ask them to “just rub my feet a little longer.” This is the pedicure for you. You get the same quality pedicure you expect from the Standard with that extra attention you crave. 75 min. $70 (regularly $80)

      MEDITATION Quiet the mind. Get started with your regular meditation practice. Be guided using simple impactful tools and techniques, affirmations, breathing, silence, stillness, visualizations and energy work to connect with oneness and the power of the mind. 60 min. $120 


      ACUPUNCTURE By supporting our nature, we can achieve our destiny! The wisdom of Chinese Medicine has three realms, heaven, human and earth and three levels addressing the body, mind and spirit. The stress of everyday life creates blockages in our 14 energy meridians, located throughout the body. Restoring complete balance to these meridians is key to promoting ultimate health and feeling good. Acupuncture will help the Qi in your body flow more smoothly, reveal and enhance your energy potential unveiling the layers of your body, mind and spiritual wellbeing to nourish your destiny. Initial consultation 90 min. $220  

      AYURVEDA CONSULTATION The Ayurvedic approach is based on your unique features and birth constitution. Our practitioner will use traditional pulse, tongue and nail diagnosis, facial lines, behavioral and physiological patterns, as well as past medical and family history to identify current imbalances and their cause, then work with you to reestablish balance and harmony in both the physical and mental bodies using a comprehensive menu of natural treatments such as personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations, breathing exercises, use of oils and herbs, specific massage techniques, yoga therapy, detoxification, and meditation. 90 min. $220 

      HYPNO-COACHING “There are no coincidences and there are no accidents; these are just occurrences orchestrated by our thoughts life’s magic as they juggle the players and circumstances of our life to deliver to us the things we have been thinking.” By creating a synergy between hypnosis and life-coaching, this is a very powerful, very effective life changing, based on Self-Mastery, which quickly and easily brings out the person you would be if you could free yourself of all your negative, limiting beliefs that hold you back. You know who that person is, it’s the one living your dreams. 60 min. $175

      LIFE COACHING Ready for a new, ready to reinvent your life. Imagine intuitive insight and useful tools, with one of our Coaches one a life coaching session to provide the opportunity for you to manifest and experience more of what you want in life and what gives you the most meaning and satisfaction, in the process, gain self-awareness, insight, and personal and spiritual growth. You know who that person is, it’s the one living your dreams.60 min. $175

      YOUR SOUL AGENDA A session aimed at giving you answers to the grand design of your life – the kind of life that is meant for you, what you need to master in order to claim that life, and the area of life in which you need to achieve and maintain balance so that your life is a pure bliss, not a burden. Moreover, based on the analysis of your hands, A coaching session giving you an accurate assessment of how well you are doing on your Soul Agenda and the critical steps of the action plan in achieving your best life! 75 min. $495

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