September 05 2018

In the Mood for Sadar

New York-Le Bain
Get in the mood for Sadar Bahar before he returns to Le Bain alongside Sonny Daze on Saturday, September 15th.
LE BAIN:  You’ve been touring all over the place, which gives serious reason to believe the international dance music scene is in good shape! What do you think?
SADAR BAHAR: I think the state it's in is awesome! The young and the old are getting down together and it's a beautiful thing to see and experience.
"Time for a disco beatdown!" –Sadar Bahar
Last time we chatted, you said, "If you love [Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles], honor them by helping others trying to deal with this DJ world.” When was the last time you helped a fellow DJ?
Almost everyday! It spans from giving information on cuts, helping others get out and abroad—what to take, how to pack it —and sharing how to just have fun and enjoy the party with the people!

In the very early nights of house music in Chicago, when the term was used to described the music played by Frankie Knuckles at the Warehouse, you said, “We went through a serious punk phase, playing a lot of The Cars, "Whip It," and Gary Numan.” Did you play some punk records recently in your sets? 
I haven't really played any punk records lately, I've been in a disco mood, but if I was to go there, I would play "Rock Lobster"!
The Standard
The Standard
On Saturday, September 15th,
Le Bain presents Sadar Bahar
alongside Sonny Daze
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

This interview was originally published October 2017.