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Water Sports

Speedboat-driven water sports are fun for the whole family, especially tubing, while leisurely pursuits such as sunset kayaking in a standard kayak or glass-bottomed boat is always a pleasant outing. Looking for more excitement? Jump on a jet ski and explore the open water around the resort (just watch out for turtles!). 

Board Sports
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Sheltered by reefs, the waters surrounding The Standard are a boardrider’s dream. Enjoy the calm interior atoll location with a leisurely stand up paddle board cruise around the resort or if that’s too tame, get high with a kite surfing class.

Fun Dives & Courses
Every trip to the Maldives must include some time underwater, mingling with some of the world’s most diverse marine life. From introductory and children’s PADI courses to specialty instruction, including digital underwater photography and fish identification classes, there’s an aquatic experience for everyone. Suit up and slip into the peaceful and pellucid waters of the Maldives, including our pristine house reef, which is home to 98 types of coral that are home to over 220 species of marine life.


1-5 dives (per dive) USD 105
6-10 dives (per dive) USD 100
11-20 dives (per dive) USD 95
House Reef Diver (per dive) USD 80   
Early morning or night dive supplement USD 16
Complimentary nitrox for EANX certified divers

Personalize your experience with a private guide for 2 or more divers. USD 65 for 2 divers or USD 105 for 1 diver.

Equipment Rental (per dive):

All (BCD, regulator, computer & wetsuit) USD 11 for all or USD 6 per item
Torch: USD 10
Mask, fins & snorkel: USD 11
Magnifying glass: USD 6
Surface buoy: USD 6
Pressure gauge: USD 6
Octopus: USD 6
Alternative air source: USD 6
Low pressure hose for BCD: USD 6

Underwater Camera Rental: USD 27 hourly

Dive tank available in different sizes and types

6L Aluminum tank (Nitrox/Normal Air)
9L Aluminum tank (Nitrox/Normal Air)
11.5L Aluminum tank (Nitrox/Normal Air)
13L Aluminum tank (Nitrox/Normal Air)
15L Steel tank (Nitrox/Normal Air)

PADI Courses:

Price includes all equipment, boat fees and certification. 

Bubblemaker (8 - 9 years old) USD 190
Discover Scuba Diving (10+years+ USD 190
Discover Scuba Diving Again: USD 160
PADI Scuba Dives: USD 570
Open Water Diver: USD 780
Open Water Diver with a Private Instructor USD 985

Open Water Diver E-Learning: USD 570
From Scuba Dive to Open Water Dive USD 365

PADI Scuba Tune up:

A tune up is required for certified divers who haven't been active for two years. USD 160 includes all equipment and 1 dive.

Advanced PADI Courses:

Price includes tank, weights and certification
Adventure Diver (3 dives) USD 500
Advanced Open Water (5 dives) USD 620
Advanced Open Water & Nitrox Specialty (5 dives) USD 760

Rescue Diver USD 780

Emergency First Response USD 210

Boat Dive for Certified Divers

8AM Daily

2 Dives
1-hour of surface interval in between on the dive boat
Head back to the island around 12PM

2.30PM Daily

1 Dive
Head back to the island around 4.30PM

Early morning or night dives can be arranged for an additional of USD 16.

*All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and applicable government taxes.

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