Boats, Boat Life, and Beyond

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Lucky Dolphin Cruise 
Join a boozy boat cruise in search of dolphins, scanning the horizon for Spinners, who love to leap from the sea! 

Sunset Cruise
Sunset cruise with a cocktail in hand, a sea breeze through your hair, and a curated playlist to match the mood.

Local Island Visit
Take a boat to Meedhoo Island, where the Maldivian way of life isn't just observed—it's devoured, one local delicacy at a time. Take a tour to visit local temples and explore the history and culture of the island. Mingle in the village and shop for souvenirs at the local market. Swing by a few beaches and swim in the crystal clear water to top off this one-day adventure.

Castaway Island Visit 
Take a boat to an isolated and uninhabited slice of powdery white sand, surrounded by turquoise water and left alone to do as you please *wink*. Once at Kuda Vilingilli you’ll find a nicely arranged pergola with blankets, cushions, and a picnic basket with your choice of snacks and a bottle of wine or a bucket of beer. Press play on your island playlist and the rest is up to you: build a sand castle, toss the frisbee, frolic on the beach, or just laze the day away in crystal clear waters...When you’re ready to return, just call the resort on the cell phone provided on departure.

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