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Zoe Buckman's He Calls This Talk Banter
Zoe Buckman's He Calls This Talk Banter
Join The Standard and artist Zoe Buckman for the debut of He Calls This Talk Banter, a neon garden gallery on display December 3rd – 9th.Shown in three individual pieces exclusively at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, Zoe Buckman’s latest body of work addresses violence and the domestic sphere, conceptualized from statements the artist has either said, heard, remembered, or read in the past year pertaining to sexual violence, bleeding, and BDSM. The pieces speak to the concept that, in this climate, inaction and apathy are tantamount to violence and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to make this a safer and more just country for everyone. To further the support of this live issue, each of the neon pieces that Zoe has created for this exhibition are for sale and that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Roxcy  Bolton Rape Treatment Center.   

No RSVP required for general viewing.

To celebrate this installation with Zoe, The Standard is hosting a private cocktail in the Gardens on December 6th. If you are an invited guest or a current Standard Member, please contact for details if you have not already received the invitation.


Mon Dec 3, 2018 to Sun Dec 9, 2018