April 18 2017

You’ve Been Eating It Wrong: Meet Lord Jones Edibles

Los Angeles-Table Talk
The purveyor of gourmet cannabis concoctions that has set out to be the choice for both connoisseurs and first-time users.
With this being the first 20th of April where weed is legal in California, it's a bit of a holiday, and we're celebrating in a big way at The Standard, Hollywood with a wild Jamaican dancehall party (RSVP here). No 4/20 party would be complete without a special something, which is where Lord Jones comes in. The LA-based company specializes in gummies, chocolates, and lotions with the ideal CBD to THC ratio designed to give you the best experience imaginable. Not an edibles fan? Their speciality is converting people just like you. Get familiar with the products and the people behind them in our interview. 
The Standard
THE STANDARD: Did you have experience with food or weed products before Lord Jones? 
ROB ROSENHECK [LORD JONES]: My wife and business partner, Cindy Capobianco, and I ran an agency for about ten years. We started in fashion and lifestyle, but eventually entered the food business with the company Larabar. From there, we went to work with General Mills in their organic division called Small Planet Foods. We worked on those brands for about six years, so we learned the food business. We also had a couple personal care clients, so when we decided to pursue our passion it was only natural that we would develop cannabis-infused products including edibles and topicals.
What did you set out to bring to the marketplace with your edibles? What did you feel was missing? 
When we started, most edibles came in a plastic bag with a staple and no labels. You never knew what you were getting and it was a little scary. We wanted to create a brand that was fun and user friendly, something we would enjoy. We designed Lord Jones to be chic, but on a more fundamental level we saw a huge opportunity to normalize the space by making products that were aspirational but also stood for safety, reliability, and efficacy. We had always been fortunate to work with best-in-class brands, so we wanted to create a best-in-class brand for the new cannabis industry.

The Standard
How are CBD and THC different from the THC variety? In the most basic terms, how do CBD and THC interact? 
There are more than 80 unique compounds in the cannabis plant. These are called cannabinoids and the two most famous are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that gets you high. CBD is the cannabinoid famous for healing, pain relief, and also acts as an anti-anxiety agent. When you combine the two, you get something known as “the entourage effect,” the theory that when you combine cannabinoids, the resulting healing effect is greater than any one cannabinoid acting alone. When we began to formulate our products, we read everything we could find about cannabis and its components. We’ve become big believers and champions of the entourage effect. We make both a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio lotion as well as a 5:1 ratio all natural old-fashioned gumdrop. They are our two biggest sellers.
Do you encounter resistance from people who have had bad experiences with THC edibles? 
All the time. Our business is based on the fact that most people have had a bad experience with edibles. We want to be the brand that a first-time user chooses, as well as the choice for the cannabis connoisseur who has tried it all. We specialize in low dose edibles and love hearing, I don’t like edibles, but Lord Jones is the only brand I use. We’ve put a lot of time and thought into our formulations and presentation to demystify edibles. The truth is, you have much greater control of your dosage with edibles than with smoking. When you get it right, it’s the finest cannabis experience you can have.

The Standard
You recently launched a collaboration with the band Sigur Rós. How did that come about? 
That was a dream come true. We met Jónsi after their show at the Hollywood Bowl last summer. He was very curious about the cannabis movement here in the U.S. and we felt an immediate connection. It was his idea to do a collaboration, and we spent several months sending uninfused gumdrop samples back and forth to Iceland to get the flavor profile just right. We decided to call the unique flavor “Wild Sigurberry” based on the foraged berries of his home. We added a unique terpene blend to elicit the feeling inspired by the band’s music. We plan to continue the collaboration and create new products together.
At the moment, your edibles are only available in California. Do you have plans to expand to other states as they legalize for recreational purposes? 
Yes. We will be launching in Colorado this summer and hope to open in Nevada soon. Eventually, we will be everywhere cannabis is legal. For now, we offer pure CBD edibles and topicals for nationwide delivery through our website. We source a special phytocannabinoid-rich CBD concentrate from specially selected organic hemp that provides pain relief, aid to skin conditions, and acts as a natural anti-anxiety mood stabilizer.