November 21 2016

Get Your Winter Glow On at The Standard Ice Rink

New York-skate
Blades sharp, laces tight, cider spiked—The Rink is back and better than ever.
Open Wed., November 23
Mon-Thurs: 12pm-12am
Fri: 12pm-1am
Sat: 9am-1am
Sun: 9am-12am

Adults - $13 + $4 skate rental
Kids Under 12 - $6 + $4 skate rental
Guests Free After 8pm

848 Washington St., New York, NY, 10014
(13th Street and Washington Street)
(212) 645-4646

One should never start with a negative, but let's be honest: winter is coming to New York City. Soon we're back to the usual slush-puddle-circumnavigating, radiator-hissing-and-clanking, no-peripheral-vision-with-my-hood-up, omg-this-coatcheck-line-is-insane, four long months of gray, gray, gray. If only there were 50 shades. The French have a word for the cement sky, cement city blur: la grisaille. Saul Bellow writes on the subject, “The gloom is not simply climatic. It is a spiritual force that acts not only on building materials, on walls and rooftops, but also on your character, your opinions and judgments.”

Mr. Bellow didn't have The Rink at The Standard, High Line
"There's only two things I do really well, sweetheart... and skating's the other one." -The Cutting Edge
Shake off more than just the winter chills at The Standard, High Line's street-side plaza rink—emblazoned with a big red snowflake. The rink's guaranteed to warm your character and opinion, or your money back. 

We have our very own zamboni (for smoother ice), a chiller (for harder, more icy ice, even when it's warm), an extended roof enclosure with tons of extra heaters, and a layout to separate the skating-line chaos from the drinking/snacking merriment.  
Highlights on this year's menu for the over-seven set include Swedish meatballs, a roasted acorn squash, an orecchiette with Italian sausage, schnitzel, steak frites, the Standard Burger, and something called a bread and cheese volcano, which is a loaf of bread filled with cheese. And don't forget to save room for dessert. For the over 21er's, you can sneak a shot of rum into our world-famous hot chocolate or just go for a hot toddy, mulled wine, or a glass of champagne (why not?). For those on the go, or just passing by, we have a street-facing kaffeeklatsch that will keep the spirits warm and happy until the weather is once again warm and happy.  

Open late every night.  

Also get your winter on at...

The Standard, East Village Winter Garden

Cozy up in our glorious Winter Garden at The Standard, East Village. Strip off those extra layers in our heated alpine yurts, slip into some fondue, and stay warm with hot spiked drinks. And don’t forget to pick up your Frasier fir, courtesy of Crest Hardware. Every tree comes with two complimentary skate passes to the Rink at The Standard, High Line, and a portion of all proceeds will benefit The Lower East Side Girls Club.

And keep an eye out for curling rinks at The Standard, East Village's Winter Garden and The Standard, High Line's Biergarten, which are opening January 2017. 

The Standard