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Spa Specials

Spa Specials

Astrology Reading

The Ancient Chinese Alchemists knew that man is the mediator between heaven and earth - in our lives we deal with a constant interplay of transitions. Reading the celestial bodies can help you achieve a broader understanding. This session includes a view of your natal chart which provides insight into the celestial mechanics affecting you.

UPON BOOKING please provide your exact time, place and date of birth.

90 min $250, regularly $285

Duo Yoga

Find your zen together. Enjoy the opportunity to begin a practice with personal guidance or deepen your existing practice with a private yoga session. Connect with yourselves and each other.

60 min $150, regularly $175

Journey to Tangier

Derived from the ancient bathing rituals of Morocco, this multifaceted sensory experience will leave you feeling cleansed, nurtured and refreshed from head to toe. First, a thorough exfoliation with a kessa glove and traditional olive oil soap for a deeply renewing cleanse. Then we treat your body to a nourishing and exfoliating body balm for a health glow. Next step is a gentle exfoliation for the face, then a rich shampoo and mask for the hair. Finally, a few opening stretches to complete the ritual and bring you back from your journey.

60 min $220, regularly $240

Recovery Massage

Whether it is an old injury that has you walking a little lopsided or you slept all wrong and cannot turn your head, this massage goes right to the point. The focus is on addressing the area not functioning at its best to help get you back to feeling yourself. Your therapist will use a variety of therapeutic techniques designed to restore more balanced movement and a feeling of ease in your body.

75 min $245, regularly $264


In this simple but powerful Ayurvedic treatment your therapist will drizzle a stream of warm oil onto your third eye chakra while gently massaging your scalp to promote relaxation and wellbeing. This treatment is designed to calm the nervous system and support balance at the physical, mental and emotional levels. For this experience we use a tridoshic oil blend, balancing for all dosha types.

45 min $150, regularly $198

Standard Manicure + Fetish Pedicure

Our Standard manicures are all about healthy natural nails and hands-on attention using environmentally friendly products. Paired with the Fetish…you always ask them to “just rub my feet a little longer.” This is the pedicure for you. You get the same quality pedicure you expect from the Standard with that extra attention you crave.

105 min $125, regularly $144

Tui Na Massage

Tui na has its origins as one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This approach uses light to medium pressure massage touch techniques to stimulate key energetic points throughout the body. The goal is to ease the natural flow of qi, or vital life force, throughout the body based on the understanding that health is a benefit of maintaining balance and harmony within the body’s energetic systems.

75 min $245, regularly $264

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

Brighten lackluster complexions, even skin tone and smooth texture from the first cleanse to the final hydration with the potent power of Vitamin C. Treatment begins with a deep pore cleanse with Vitamin C foaming cleanser. A gentle exfoliating scrub is applied to remove dull, dead skin cells followed by complete rehydration and nourishment with a luxury face oil massage followed by an application of a Vitamin C masque. While the masque is left to work its magic, you will have a relaxing hand and arm massage. Masque is then removed, finishing products applied and you are left with resurfaced, smooth, radiant and rejuvenated skin.

60 min $225, regularly $240

Based on availability at time of booking. Does not include tax or gratuity. Above specials begin on Sept 1st through October 31st.