Sky Beach

Standard Sounds Presents Onra & Friends

Standard Sounds Presents Onra & Friends

We're turning the sound on for Onra & Friends at Sky Beach. Stop by for live performances by Onra and Isaac Aesili, beats by Sonnie Amerie and Nanziee.

Date: March 18
Time: 9p.m. - 2a.m.

About the Artists: 

Onra - Hailing from Paris, the globetrotting producer Onra has claimed his spot as one of the most exciting DJs on the scene. He’s released six albums, from the 80's funk Long Distance to his Chinoiseries collections, made with Chinese music samples found while traveling Asia. His talent for delivering emotive, soulful hip-hop that really hits the spot is evident in his multitude of releases since 2006. 

Sonny - Based between Paris and Bangkok, Sonny is co-founder of Paristreizelab and a member of DJ City France. With more than 16 years in the game in France, Europe, and Asia, he's become infamous for his sharp cuts and selections of timeless R&B, hip-hop and future sounds.

Isaac Aesili - a Māori musician, DJ and producer from New Zealand and based in Bangkok. He was the creative force behind Funkommunity and Sorceress, and his music has been supported internationally by DJs such as Bill Brewster, Gilles Peterson, Benji B, and Jamz Supernova. A world-renowned musician, Isaac is also a trumpet enthusiast and member of the Lord Echo band. His music styles include deep house, R&B and soul mixed with jazz, hip-hop, reggae, Brazilian and Afro-Latino sounds.

Nanziee - a lifelong vinyl collector and experienced DJ with a 15-year history in record store etiquette. After picking up plenty of his own, Nanziee decided to open his own record stores, Vinyl Feeling, 45s Wars, and Modern-Day Culture that he stocks with classic soul, funk and hip-hop tracks. The collector-turned-DJ can now be found spinning rarities with a unique flair at Escape Bangkok and Chim Chim Bangkok.