Miami Beach

Spa Specials

Spa Specials

Ayurvedic Consultation

The Ayurvedic approach is based on your unique features and birth constitution. Our practitioner will use traditional pulse, tongue and nail diagnosis, facial lines, behavioral and physiological patterns, as well as past medical and family history to identify current imbalances and their cause, then work with you to reestablish balance and harmony in both the physical and mental bodies using a comprehensive menu of natural treatments such as personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations, breathing exercises, use of oils and herbs, specific massage techniques, yoga therapy, detoxification, and meditation.

90 min, $250, regularly $285

Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

Ayurveda texts describe 108 major Marmani, which are infused with Prana, the life force, and imbued with consciousness. Marmani serve as a bridge between the body, mind, and soul. A Marma is a vital energy point located on the surface of the body. Marma Therapy is the application of light pressure on specific points throughout the body (a mix between reiki and acupuncture without needles). Calm the nervous system, increase Pranic flow, release stuck emotions and activate the energy of a corresponding chakra. 

90 min, $275, regularly $300

Back To The Beach

We all like that healthy glow, but it is important to remember to pamper your skin after a day at the beach. With this skin-nourishing manicure and pedicure, we treat your hands and feet with products rich in argan oil while sculpting the nails and perfecting the polish. Rich in oleic and linoleic acids to enrich the skin and anti-inflammatory properties to combat free radicals, argan oil is the perfect antidote for a little extra sun. After all, you need to get ready for the next excursion.

105 min, $125, regularly $150

Marine Enzyme-Facial 

This facial features an exceptionally pleasant fruit enzyme treatment that gently provides skin with the exfoliation-boosting effects of pineapple and papaya. Additionally, the extraordinary benefits of Laminaria Digitata Extract lavish the skin with high concentrations of marine minerals to hydrate and impart a velvety texture. Gotu Kola provides antioxidant, firming, and soothing benefits. After one treatment, skin is less red and more vibrant, feels tightened, and pore size is visibly lessened.

75 min $225, regularly $252

The Onsen Ritual 

This rich sensory experience begins with a full body cleansing with yuzu mimosa sea algae wash using a kessa mitt to prepare the skin and infuse vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Next, a deeper exfoliation with ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub to polish and tone the skin while stimulating blood flow. Finally, a 60 minute massage with kinmoxei wild lime silk oil to nourish your skin with vitamin E while you sink into blissful meditation.

90 min $325, regularly $360

Urban Warrior Ritual 

Whether you are training for a marathon or sitting in local traffic, chances are your body could use a good anti- inflammatory makeover. Start this ritual with wind-down time in the Hamam, steam and sauna to slow your mind, open your pores and soften your muscles. Then we take over with a soothing, nourishing and cleansing active body mask rich in botanical anti-inflammatory properties to help remove toxins and metabolic wastes. Next comes either a 60 or 90 minute massage with an oil based on a traditional Ayurvedic recipe that targets muscle and joint stiffness and pain. Leave this ritual ready to tackle your next urban adventure.

120 min $360, regularly $402

Vibro-Acoustic Sound Therapy

In this relaxing and balancing session you will relax on the sound mat for a vibrational experience enhanced by the soundtrack on headphones. At the same time, tuning forks will be used to stimulate key meridian points to create a customized experience. The combination immerses your mind and body in waves of vibrational bliss.

75 min $250, regularly $275

Based on availability at time of booking. Does not include tax or gratuity.