Miami Beach

Spa Specials

Spa Specials

Celestial & Acupuncture Alignment

The Ancient Chinese Alchemists knew that man is the mediator between heaven and earth - in our lives we deal with a constant interplay of transitions. Reading the celestial bodies and receiving an acupuncture alignment can help you achieve a broader understanding. We begin with a view of your celestial chart which provides insight into the celestial mechanics you are being affected by and then a Chinese five element reading and acupuncture treatment which includes pulse and a short question and answer, processing things that are happening at the time. Personal alchemy and seeking harmonious transformation, harmony within the cosmos and harmony within the self.

90 min, $250

Coconut Lime Pedicure

Inspire those city feet with a sensory overload. Your underappreciated feet will walk out utterly hydrated and uplifted with the powerful reparative properties of coconut and the tonifying properties of lime. This restorative pedicure lifts away dull skin with an organic lime salt scrub, hydrates with a coconut milk bath soak and finishes with a juicy coconut body butter that heals and repairs.

60 min, $75, regularly $84

Sound Healing Massage

The calming sounds and gentle vibrations of the crystal bowls incorporated with a customized massage induce a feeling of harmony and very deep relaxation. The result is a transformative experience of well-being and beauty that comes from within.

90 min, $275, regularly $300

Sports Massage 75

Each sport challenges your body in its own unique way, and part of performing at your peak is how you treat your body in between training sessions. This massage is all about relieving the tight muscles and stiffness from your latest training session so you can take your performance to the next level.

75 min, $250, regularly $264

Standard Custom Facial 75

Customized to repair and nourish your face and neck, this intensive and holistic facial reinforces and rebuilds at the cellular level. After analyzing your skin type and condition, we’ll cleanse and purify with our gentle extraction process, balance and tone with a blend of our exceptional skin care to renew and revitalize with botanical and bio-active products which penetrate and work below the surface, where it really counts. Personalized for all skin types.

75 min, $230, regularly $252

Tag Team

Instigate a full mind and body revolution toward greater self- awareness and healing. Begin with a one-on-one yoga session designed to activate and consciously open those hips, tighten that core and increase your breathing. Follow your Savasana (final resting pose) by sharpening your focus with a 60 minute therapeutic massage. Our unified approach will leave you balanced, educated and most importantly...integrated.

120 min, $305, regularly $342

The Triathlete

You are ready to go but your body is not so sure. Let us help you get back in top form. First, a customized sequence of compressions and stretches to limber the joints and breathe new life into those recalcitrant muscles. Then, a focused foot massage to get ready for those running shoes. Training never felt so good.

120 min, $305, regularly $342

Zen Scrub

Press the pause button on life and take a deep breath while you enjoy this calming sandalwood sugar scrub. Long appreciated in spiritual settings for supporting inner calm and spiritual focus, sandalwood also helps the outer self by calming skin inflammation and nurturing the skin for a youthful glow.

30 min, $150

Based on availability at time of booking. Does not include tax or gratuity.