Miami Spa

H2-OM: Root Sourcing

H2-OM: Root Sourcing

Friday May 4, 8-10P with Sharon Aluma and Veronica Pesantes

Sourcing nutrients from our roots into the bloom, we are in the cycle of coming out of hibernation and enjoying the fresh spring showers and a cycle of growth. Like flowers planted in earth it’s time for our souls to awaken and bloom. Through a connected yoga practice we will open into essence and watch as our nature unravels its truth.

Starting with breath embodied yoga asana practice intertwined with Kundalini Kriya, we will awaken the body with a sense of renewal, allowing the inner waters to travel through us. Moving into restorative postures we will soak in the nourishment from our inner resources woven with the sweet sounds of crystal alchemy bowls to bloom the cellular seeds within.

Join us for this special evening of healing Yoga guided with a creative sense of fluidity.

$40 includes indoor baths | $150 includes spa day pass