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Enneagram: Discover Your Personality Type

Enneagram: Discover Your Personality Type

What’s Your Enneagram? Explore and figure out your core personality style, including strengths, weaknesses and strategies for growth. In this Life Coaching workshop Brad Kerschensteiner will introduce you to Enneagram an internationally recognized tool for personal and spiritual transformation. The Enneagram goes beyond describing the myriad of personality traits, it invites us to ask meaningful questions: what motivates us, what matters most to us and why, what do we unconsciously seek, and what causes us our relationships to flourish or fall apart? It also helps us to understand our internal emotional outlook, our reactions, our defense mechanisms, our behavior, how we create self-defeating patterns, and then helps us to discover our greatest qualities and our purpose in life.

$45 includes indoor baths I $75 includes Spa Day Pass & unlimited Wednesday Yoga classes

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